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Enabling social ways of working

Challenges and approach to enabling staff and students to adopt social ways of learning and working

Joe Nicholls

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Enabling social ways of working

Joe Nicholls
Information Services
Cardiff University

Tel: 029 20870266
Twitter: @joenicholls
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/joenicholls Education You can't train people to be social!

But...it is possible to educate people to become more social. Enabling social ways of working Evaluation Change in practice? Learn to Collaborate Collaborate to Learn photo credit: Vector Hugo http://www.flickr.com/photos/pointofdesign/2742827212/ Digital Literacies Framework
COLLABORATE Meetings Presenting content
seeking content
retrieval content
management content
manipulation content
production content
sharing Work and Learning Tasks communication Researching Learning Administration Projects Team working Writing Teaching Recording Curating EDUCATING Communicating Planning Problem
solving Designing Organising Publishing Identity Attitudes Values Motivation Confidence Interest Openness AWARENESS ATTRIBUTES Do you work as socially as you are able? Professional
Services http://www.Cardiff.ac.uk 3 Colleges
27 Schools Face-to-face workshops https://vimeo.com/51020672 6000+ staff 25,000+ students Cardiff University sharing openness transparent connecting networking participating contributing proactive communicating constructive engaging involving willing Will I be preaching to the converted? giving enabling confident motivated responsible supportive team player trust Start with work activities that people believe will be useful and of benefit
situated Availability and personalisation of computing devices
Wireless connectivity not available in all locations of meetings
Issues (legal, policy, cultural) associated with use of external third party tools for core business activities HR run separate staff development workshops to improve meetings
Unable to simulate situation and circumstance of a truly authentic meeting
Meeting related roles critical: Chair, Secretary, Facilitator
Personal productivity issues have a significant impact on meetings Insufficient time to use applications and services to perform real work tasks
Additional training required in the context of a real meeting - i.e., focus on meaningful practices Unable to reproduce real-life roles and responsibilities
Expectations? Power relationships? Consequences?
Attitudes - interest? incentives? motivation?
Staff development not a priority - creates additional demand/hassle Access issues: Skills issues: Practice issues: Attribute issues: Workshop
Using social media
to improve meetings Raising awareness Support and promotion from senior management Short videos illustrating
use and value Newsletter
hardcopy & online What are your expectations?
What would success look like?
If everyone was working socially, what difference would it make to the business? Building a community of practice "According to IBM, organisations are deploying social business investments in order to create valued customer experiences, drive workforce productivity and accelerate innovation." TRAINING Hello! There is NO magic wand You can not train people to be social.
But...you can educate them to become more social. social! Do you believe that social ways of working are better? Driven by needs that emerge from the
community of practice For example,
building your online presence
promoting yourself and your work
connecting and networking with others
the value of Twitter and blogging
curating and sharing content http://www-935.ibm.com/services/us/gbs/thoughtleadership/ibv-social-business.html Develop Digital Literacy More than IT skills.
It's about developing practice and changing attitudes. Cardiff University Challenges and approaches.
Examples illustrating failure and success (?) Researchers Develop the Digital Literacy
of ALL staff and students http://digidol.cardiff.ac.uk Enable social ways of working Promote ownership and responsibility
Cultivate a positive attitude to get people on-board Start small, don't be too ambitious
Develop positive examples to demonstrate
the benefits to others
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