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No description

Alex Fullerton

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of Sheep

Developed in Southern England.
Mainly used for meat.
Can grow to over 250 pounds.
All white body
Black lower legs and head.
Sheep Breeds
Poly Pay
Developed in the early 1960’s by Dr. C. V. Hullet.
bred for two reasons; to produce wool and to be harvested for meat.
Extremely fast growing sheep
Full grown within a year.
Now bred in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Developed in Western England.
All white with a black head and black legs.
Highly regarded show sheep.
First Shropshire ever recorded was in Virginia in 1855. T
he Shropshire is one of the best wool producing sheep known today.

Developed in England
Largest known
150% lambing
Fast growing
Produce meat
South African breed of sheep
Developed in the 1930’s.
Thrives in dry hot climates
Live well in pastures
Sheep start breeding at the age of 7 months.
Grow rapidly.
Breed back right after they lamb.
California Red
Dr. Glen Spurlock. This sheep is mid sized
Born red
Lose color as get older
nutritious milk
easy keeping breed
grow well in many conditions.


Great choice
Today, we are going to talk
to you about sheep. We are going to discuss some of the many different breeds of sheep and some of the many career options that involve sheep.
Career Options
Sheep Farmer
Responsible for growing sheep that produce both wool and meat.
Only requires a high school diploma.
Could also get 2 year degree in animal science.
Could also get a 4 year degree in agribusiness
$60,000 yearly income
Meat Inspector
Works Cited

Wool Classer


The sheep industry consists of
many different aspects that
need many different careers to
keep the sheep industry working smoothly.
High demand for sheep in certain times of the year
Ethnic holiday
Meat inspector in a packing plan
Two years of college
Bachelor's degree or one year in a job that is related to this career
$37,000 salary
7,500 meat inspectors

operates Farms
direct the breeding
monitor pasture
high school diploma,
$73,210 annually.
groups fleece into categories
requires earning a Certificate IV in Wool classing.
large demand
only need high school degree
18,000- 40,000 dollars.
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