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Year 11 Team Meeting

No description

Andrew Wilson

on 20 September 2017

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Transcript of Year 11 Team Meeting

RAP Inset
Looking at us...
Next Friday is Year 11 RAP Inset

Year Group is under a lot of pressure
Year Group is under a very intense spotlight
Progress 8 will need be +0.25 minimum
Every student will need to be performing at their target grade, in every subject

Key characters need to be contained, input from tutors about strategies will be invaluable
Year 11 Team Meeting
Attendance & Punctuality
The constant struggle...
The battlefront...
Students of Concern
Just not getting it...
Study Skills Lessons
Once in a lifetime...
Punctuality is starting to slip back to being poor

Attendance is an ongoing concern, statistics will improve, but some students are still a concern.
In your form - reasons why - barriers - home contact?
Week 1
– Introduction/Expectations Assembly
Week 2
– Personal SWOT Analysis based on P1/P2
Week 3
– P4 Target Setting based on P3 – focus on SMART Target setting
Week 4
– Revision Timetables – how to make them and how to protect your time
Week 5
– Revision Technique 1 – Note taking, flash cards and condensing material
Week 6
– Revision Technique 2 – Mind Maps
Week 7
– Reflecting on progress – reflecting on SWOT Analysis from Week 2 and progress in dealing with Threats, realising opportunities and tackling weaknesses

Single pair of earrings - no facial piercings, nose piercings.......
Blazer when leaving form
Check for trainers sneaking in
No "mixed" colour hair

Already a few gearing up for trench warfare
Events not being logged - or they are little angels

Lessons - incidents but overall some good things
Corridors - starts to get a bit shaky
Break/Lunch - can be an issue
Out of school - 2 separate serious incidents

1. Attendance & Punctuality
2. Uniform
3. Behaviour
4. RAP Inset
5. Students of concern
6. Study Skills Lessons
7. AOB

Late/Absent Today
Absent Today
Late Today
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