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Not because of AIESEC...

My life story could only be possible in AIESEC.

Freddy Law

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Not because of AIESEC...

Not because of AIESEC, my life story could not be possible. Hong Kong Google India Macedonia Applause game similar situations 2007, April 2010, April Exchange exercise “I want to have a different life through Exchange to other country” “I want to develop a better self during my Exchange period” “I want to get some tips, advises and stories to see how I can do better in Exchange” Self introduction Meaning of Life 2004 First time to India India again different experience and feeling AIESEC network Matching Period the truth “should I persist or should I just quit and get a local job?” If you believe you can do it, you can get it. Persist and things will be alright. No sacrifice no glory. the first thing 0.0005% talent for Google in 3 ways Why me? Matching Secret I read extensively I reflect I ask for help I prepare I wait AIESEC Experience makes the difference. team experience management concepts self confidence Striving for Excellence passion Some funny things 1 family. three stories Spoiled “I am feeling lucky” Challenge yourself out of your comfort zone! When people trust you, give your best to fulfill the expectations. <<Freddy, the kid and the difference>> cannot sleep frustrated The return Everybody is able to make a difference, it’s all about determination and creativity “WHY NOT?” be yourself! be who you are Stand for what you believe know what is right and what is not stay strong The biggest learning Dream. follow your heart. Jackie Chan! “London” Work difference and Change yourself need to understand the culture be humble As in Rome, do as Romans do changing yourself first, adapt the culture and then change others. MCP English Teacher Drama Educator! Education. Social Entrepreneurship This is Freddy's Story. What about yours?
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