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Technology and Talent Management

No description

Holly Davis

on 19 June 2015

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Transcript of Technology and Talent Management

Technology and Talent Management
Break Out
What is HR's primary role?
What areas are HR responsible for?
How has technology changed our role?
How have our jobs/skill sets changed as a result of technology?
Benefits of Technology
Introduction to Technology Applications in HR
Increased Efficiency
Improved Customer Service
Increased Accuracy
Free to be More Strategic
Cost Effective
Seat at the Table
Greater Involvement
Reduction in Transactional Processes

HRIS/HRM Systems Available
Asses Needs

In class Discussion Questions
What is driving Globalization
Shortage of Talent
Low Cost Labor
Consumers in Developing Countries
HR Challenges
Gaps within the Talent Pool
Ability to Work in Multinational Countries
Manage Global Workforce
Leaderships willingness to adopt technology.
Excellent Communication Skills
Excellent Inter-Personal Skills
Be a Strategic Thinker
Visionary leader
Entrepreneur Global Benchmarking
High degree of Initiative
BE an All Rounder
Keen Researcher
Global Networking Ability
Technology Savvy
Ability to cope with a Fast Changing Environment.

Skill Sets HR Professionals need in Globalized World
Asses Needs
• Is the next great technology right for your organization?
• Can you align the technology with talent strategies that deliver business outcomes?
• Is it a cultural fit with your organization?
• What’s the opportunity cost of not taking advantage of the technology?
• Will you have the access to the data needed to run the technology?
• Will the technology support the business processes and workflow?
• Will it meet the infrastructure requirements?

Top HRIS/HCM Systems
BambooHR http://www.bamboohr.com
HRM Direct Software
Icims – Icims Talent Platform
Sap – Business by Design
Kronos workforce Central
Unicorn HRO Icon
Ultimate Ultipro
Epicor HCM
Infor Human Resources Management

Streamlining Processes
One Central Location for Critical Information
Focused on Long-Term Objectives
Take a Broader Approach to Issues vs. Focus Mainly on Internal Issues
Removing Communication Barriers
Creating Virtual Business Bonds

We are becoming....

Focused on short term gains and savings
Focused on Compliance
Did not Capitalize on Talent
Raise Short-Term Earnings Through Cuts to Employee Programs
We were.....
What is Globalization?
Cross-border trade
Cross-border investment
Cross- boarder immigration

How has globalization influenced HR applications?
Skills Required to be Successful in a Globalized World
Technology Specific to Human Resources
How has globalization and technology effected HR?.
How has HR benefited from the advancements in technology? Are these positive or negative changes?
What skills do you think are critical for an HR professional to be successful today?
Complete Case Study
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