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Frankenstein Letters 1-4

No description

Parrisha Barnes

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Frankenstein Letters 1-4

Letters 1-4 Loren Jaimes
Mary Cloninger
Parrisha Barnes
Anitra Hilliard Letter 1 Overview Letter 2 Letter 4 The Stranger Letter 3 Summary The letter is dated Dec. 11, 17-
All the letters are addressed to his sister Mrs. Seville in England. Walton is embarking on a journey toward the North Pole. He seeks glory. Robert Walton is the narrator of the letters and he is searching for the reason the earth has a magnetic field. He is the type of person who will stop at nothing to find his goal. This letter is dated March 28 17- again this is to his sister. Walton is feeling sorry for himself and wants a friend. Many of his sailors are kind but he wants something more. This letter is shorter than all the others. This one is dated July 7, 17-. This is his longest letter by far. This letter is broken into two parts. The stranger says he is there to seek the one who fled him. The stranger is in very bad shape and he was on the brink of death. Basically, the letters were about Walton talking of his journey and how he finds the stranger who his going to tell him his story. Walton longs for intellectual companionship. He does not have anyone on board that has the same brain power as himself. He is sailing for the north pole. Walton is in Russia while he was writing this first letter.
Walton tells us that he travels a lot and that he has tried this mission before and failed. He acknowledges the endearing qualities of the captain. He is also searching for a faster passage way to North America from Africa. He gives no specific location in this letter. He tells her he is safe and is continuing on his journey. We see some of an obsession that he has with this trip. The first half of the letter is dated August 5, 17- and tells about the ships conditions, how the moral is down and how sickness is taking over the ship. The second half of the letter is dated August 19, 17-. Walton finds a stranger who is in need of help and he takes him aboard the ship. Walton nurses the stranger back to health and the stranger tells him to not follow the quest he is on. He tells him to live his own life and that this type of conquest will consume him. The stranger begins to tell Walton his story. About a month has passed since he wrote his last letter. The ship has been stuck in ice. The stranger is very quiet and has mystery about himself. Walton takes care of the man. Eight days have passed since the last time he has written a letter. The man has gotten better and is still searching for the other "guy". The stranger cries when Walton talks of his ambitions. Walton wants to hear the man's story. He wants to know why a scientific adventure is such a bad idea. Another six days passed, and the stranger has agreed to tell his tale. The man does not agree with Walton giving his whole life to his project. He does not want Walton to fall down the same path he did. The End :)
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