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MGMT Case Study

No description

Madeleine Mazza

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of MGMT Case Study

Thank y u for listening! CASE ONE CHIBA INTERNATIONAL, INC. Summary and Question One Can Japanese management practices work in the United States without adaption? Why/ why not?
What cultural values are relevant? Question One Quality and Service Open Communication Incorporating US style management Sales Meetings CHIBA INTERNATIONAL This sounds complicated… Financial People So how do you achieve this? CHIBA INTERNATIONAL Let’s teach our company philosophy to our employees, just like the Japanese do! I’m not so sure about that… CHIBA INTERNATIONAL
Chiba International is the American subsidiary of Chiba Electronics, a Japanese company.

It has a 70 per cent share in the US market

14 out of 24 of the top executives and 65 out of 70 of the salespeople are American "As the sun rises in the sky,
Revealing the size of the market,
Oh this is our goal,
With the highest degree of customer requirement.
We are the leader in this industry and our future path
Is ever bright and satisfying." Chiba's Philosophy this is shared with ALL employees Meetings Held every morning with all employees Anyone is free to speak
Voluntary, however most employees attend
These meetings increase mutual understanding and cohesiveness Monthly performance meetings also held and frequent team & departmental meetings "Kompas" Are social gatherings between departments and employees organised to help solve discrepancies Focus on Customer Service S
S instead of personal performance incerity




ervice Managing American Employees So they stress that the new employee works for the good of the entire company Open offices and fair pay encourage collective spirit Chiba's executives found that most employees take an individualistic approach to work Financial Controls the "noodle peddler" theory Chiba keeps a daily record of sales, returns and expenses Open Communication Communication must be open so that everything is clear to people of all cultures A suggestions box is used
Personnel managers chat to employees so that problems can be prevented Appraisal and Reward Systems No layoff policy
Pay grades and job classifications
kept to bare minimum
Hires from within the company
Bi-annual reviews & constant feedback Quality and Service Chiba attributes it's success to... hiring the right people
good technical training
careful inspection of products
excellent customer service and the implementation of a company philosophy! What cultural values are relevant? Using Hofstede's
Cultural Dimensions POWER DISTANCE VS high low individualism collectivism masculine feminine low uncertainty avoidance short term l o n g t e r m high uncertainty
avoidance Discussion What features of Indulgence vs Restraint do you think exists in American and Japanese cultures?

How would these values impact business relations between Japan and America Can Japanese management practices work in the United States without adaption? Why/ why not? yes, they do need
adaption Japanese have such fundamentally different attitude towards work than Americans However, some
policies do work... open communication
customer service and
sales policies
use of company
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