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the top 3+ major land forms of Columbia are the Pacific Ocea

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lindsey beans-polk

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of the top 3+ major land forms of Columbia are the Pacific Ocea

The top 3+ major land forms of Columbia are the Pacific Ocean, Andes Mountains and the Cordillera Oriental. And the top 3+ major geographical landmarks of Columbia are the Amazon river, Negro river and the Catatumbo river. The top 3+ major cities of Columbia: Bogota,Santiago De Cali,and Medellin.
Tropical along the coast and eastern plains.Cooler in highlands.
Colombia has two seasons: dry and wet(summer and winter).
The average yearly rainfall precipitation exceeds 7,600 milimeters yearly in most of the lowlands. The average temperature in Colombia is 66F. and the low average low is 46F.
The most worn clothing in Colombia is the La Pollera Colora.
The type of goverment is Republic.
The top 3+ major sports are football,cycling,and boxing.

Interesting facts
Story behind flag, yellow represents the gold found in the Colombian lands,blue represents the seas on Colombian shores,red represents blood spilled on the battle grounds during war.
Mode of transportation is road transportation,27% of the people take railroad,and only 3% take internal waterways,but only 19% take air for transportation.
Unusual laws,it is illegal to wash your car in the street,and it is illegal to cross in front of a car when its engine is running.

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