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ECE project

No description

Kelsey Reeves

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of ECE project

Early Childhood Education
School Counselor Career
School counselors help students socially and academically as well as helping them prepare for life after high school.
Job Description
Deals with social or behavioral issues.
Provide counseling based on each individual student.
Develop life skills.
Sets realistic goals and develops strategies to succeed.
Evaluate students (Identify cases of abuse).
Teach classes on student related issues.
Refer students/parents to possible additional support.
Plan for life after high school.
Basic Duties
Compassion Skills-
Must be compassionate toward students who are in difficult situations

Listening skills-
Be able to pay full attention to students and understand where they're coming from.

People skills-
Be able to make and maintain good relations and work directly with students.

Speaking skills-
Be able to express/communicate ideas without misinterpretation.
Skills Needed
A state-issued certification/ license/ endorsement. A license is not always required though- only in private practice.

Master’s degree in school counseling (fostering academic development, group/individual counseling, and working with different parties).

Need experience- often through an internship or practicum. (2,000 -3,000 hours of supervised clinical experience)

A criminal background check.

Pass a state-recognized exam

Get annual education credits.
Educational Needs
Elementary and secondary school $60,000
state, local, and private;

Junior colleges; state, local, and private; 51,050

Colleges, universities, and professional
schools, state, local, and private; 44,610

Vocational rehabilitation services; 35,210
Expected increase of 19% from 2010- 2020 (average) from the numbers of student enrollment growing.

Counselors in elementary and middle schools are expected to grow 8% from 2010-2020.

Career counselors are also suppose to increase as enrollments in colleges increase.

Colleges might hire counselors for career counseling for their students. Employment is to grow 34% percent during 2010- 2020.
Job Outlook
Counselors work in both public and private school settings.

They usually have their own offices.

Work full time.

Some have summer breaks.
Work Environment
Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselors

Social Workers

Social and Human Service Assistants

Social and Community Service Managers

Rehabilitation Counselors


Mental Health Counselors and Marriage and Family Therapists

Human Resources Specialists

Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle, and High School Teachers
Similar Jobs
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Work Cited
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