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First Day of School

Description of Biology and Aquatic Science with Classroom Expectations and Styrofoam Lab

Donna Sue Perkins

on 22 August 2015

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Transcript of First Day of School

Welcome Back to School !! Classroom Expectations Ms. Perkins Aquatic Science Biology The teacher has the right to teach and the student has the right to learn.
Anything that interferes with these rights is against the rules. Procedure
1. Place 2 drops of food coloring in cup labeled S and stir (represents your unique talents and personality!) Foam Lab 2. Pour cup T into cup S(represents teacher’s knowledge and support to learning) 3. Stir solution mixed into cup S slowly until solution begins to bubble and rise (represents time required for material to be learned) 4. Observe the foam creation
(represents the joy from teacher and student
when learning is fun!) Be Careful ! Do not taste
or touch chemicals. 1. Be in your seat before the bell rings.
2. Have all your books and supplies in class.
3. Respect your classmates,teacher, and classroom.
4. Learn something that will be useful later on in life. B.S.Agricultural Science
Texas A & M University M.S. Curriculum & Instruction with Science Specialty
University of Texas at Tyler I don't care what color
you write in.
I always want you to do your best.
Use the "parking lot" to leave messages,
Supply table by the door.
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