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Tensions of Communication on the Internet

No description

Eric Dunning

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Tensions of Communication on the Internet

Tensions of Communication Ch. 3 Globalization Information Processes Personal Processes Pros: Democratic potential & direct participation

Humanist Making sense from personal perspectives
& conceptions Cyberspace Contradictory pulls:
ordinary reality vs. "virtual" Behavioralist Observable variables & operationalization Cons: free access to information & lack of
centralized control Increasing interdependence vs.
loss of culture/community ideals & identity U.S. vs. S. Korea - inversion of culture? Systems that control & govern
themselves Information & feedback: interaction &
meaning creation / output governed by
information fed back into the system Contradiction & relational dialectics Transformational grammar
Discourse analysis
Ethnomethodology Subjectivity & how the individual experiences the world Data as experience -beliefs
-interpretations Meaning & responses are one in the same Variables physically grounded in
the observable world "Understanding" of symbols "Meaning" as mental constructions Adoption & Diffusion Other concepts to consider..... -public embracing
-diffusion of innovation as social change Informing & Conversing -one way vs. two-way
-exchanging messages vs. broadcast
-configurations & natures of communication event
-distrust, control & "gatekeeping"
-new hierarchies & commercialization Reflection - What else is needed?
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