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Austrian Folk Dance

No description

Jackie McAllister

on 8 December 2012

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Transcript of Austrian Folk Dance

Jackie McAllister Austrian Folk Dance History Originated in Austria
This type of folk dance is called Volkstanz
There are many different types
The Landler
The Viennese Waltz
Depending on what dance and where it is performed tells the tempo of the songs

Music Became popular in the 1750s

Requires close contact between partners of the opposite sex; church officials wanted it banned for being too erotic and risky

Today the it is a couple dance that includes lots of turning, stepping, and spinning while moving in a circle around the dance floor

It is danced by both men and women

Costumes are the same as traditional Austrian dances

It is what we know today as the Waltz Landler Dance Dances are usually performed during balls or festivals Festivals Everyone dances the opening round

Welcome Speech

Differnt waltzes and dances are performed

Goodbye song and a special dance Insturments:
The Styrian harmonica (accordion)
Fiddles, Harps, Flutes, Clarinets, Brass Bands
Typically no drums were used
Sometimes has vocals; yodeling Costumes Women:
Pleated skirts
Tight fitting bodice worn over white blouse with short puffed sleeves
Aprons worn over the skirts
Knitted stockings with black shoes Men:
Leather shorts or breeches called Lederhosens
White shirt with rolled up sleeves, sometimes with a tie
White stockings and black shoes Traditional Austrian Costumes look a lot like German Costumes Viennese Waltz National dance of Austria

Evolved from techniques of the Landler dance
It is a rotary dance where dancers are constantly turning either towards the right or the left Women dress in gowns and Men dress in tuxedos Normally performed at formal balls held throughout the year
They gather to watch performances, meet friends & dance into the early morning
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