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types of mountians

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Transcript of types of mountians

Types of Mountain Buildings What Different Types of Mountians Are There? These are the types of mountains. Fold
Mountains, Fault-block Mountains (Block Mountains),
Dome Mountains, Volcanic Mountains,
Plateau Mountains Volcanic mountains Is an active cinder cone. When you are down more than 30 km.
Temperatures can reach more than 1,000 degrees C.That's hot enough to melt rock. WOW!!!. Melted rock is called magma.Magma collects in to chambers beneath the earths surface.The molten rock is less dense than the surrounding rock and so it floats upwards through cracks. When the magma goes to the surface, it erupts
and lava, rock, ash and volcanic come out.
Molton rock Dome Mountain Dome Mountains The inside of the Earth is hot enough to
melt rock.Usually dome mountains dont
grow to be as big as folded mountains because the force of the magma does not push hard enough. Over long periods of time, the magma cool's and becomes hard rock. witch form's it into dome shaped mountian.
Fold mountians Fold moutains are formed from the crust that has been
uplifted and folded by compressing forces. The crust
and the rocks get bent and crumpled. Massive layers
of Earth's crust gets uplifted forming folded mountains.
When two continental plates move into each other,then both plates are forced upwards into a series of folds.This caused the for early geologists to struggled to explain why they were finding fossils of sea creatures high up in mountains.know that the fossils got there because uplift of sedimentary rocks found along the edges of the plates.
Fold Mountain Example Plateau Mountains plateau mountain Plateau Mountains are not formed by the Earth's internal activity; instead, they are uncovered by erosion. They are formed when water falls or running water carves deep channels into a region, making mountains,this happens Over billions of years, the rivers can cut deep into a plateau and create tall mountains. Plateau Mountains are often found near folded mountains. Plateau Mountains are flat areas witch have been pushed above sea levels because of the forces from inside the earth. By: Jade and Danna
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