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How are students really using mobile technologies for learning?

Video presented as a digital poster for the 30th ascilite conference hosted by Macquarie University from 1-4 December 2013.

Angela Murphy

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of How are students really using mobile technologies for learning?

Listening to the student voice: How are students really using mobile technologies for learning?
Modern students communicate and interact with mobile technologies in ways that were unknown to generations before them.

The aim is to provide higher education institutions with resources to effectively implement mobile learning initiatives.

One of the first steps is to gain insight into how learners who are familiar with mobile technologies in other contexts have integrated them into their learning.

This will help institutions to understand which mobile learning initiatives are relevant to students and how they are effective for their learning.

USQ students shared their views on camera.
Rarely seen without a mobile device glued to their hands, students of today have unique and specific expectations about connectivity and accessibility of information.

The University of Southern Queensland, in partnership with the Australian National University and the University of South Australia is working on a project to develop a Mobile Learning Evaluation Framework.
Project team:

Project Leader: Dr Helen Farley (USQ)
Research Fellow: Dr Angela Murphy (USQ)
PhD candidates: Sharon Rees, Maxine Mitchell (USQ)
USQ researchers: Associate Professor Stijn Dekeyser, Dr Brad Carter, Dr Warren Midgley, Dr Abdul Hafeez-Baig, Dr Michael Lane, Ms Joanne Doyle
DF-CRN collaborators: Professor Andy Koronios (UniSA), Associate Professor Chris Johnson (ANU)

Australian Digital Futures Institute
Development of an Evaluation Framework for Mobile Learning

Recommendations for universities
The project team thanks Roxanne Parker and Amanda Smythe from the USQ student services team for filming and producing the video.

This project is supported through the Australian Government's Collaborative Research Networks (CRN) program
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