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Random Acts of Kindness

No description

Autumn Freund

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Random Acts of Kindness

How Can I Make A Difference? What if that person then
Paid it Forward
by doing something nice for someone else? Your act of kindness is impacting other people without you even knowing about it! Then what if that 2nd person then Paid it Forward by doing a random act of kindess for someone else? Random Acts of Kindness What if I do something nice for someone,
without them asking or expecting it? Could that
make a difference in their day, possibly their life? Your one act of kindness that you did has now
impacted three people. You probably didn't realize
that one act can make a difference in a lot of people's
lives. Eventually it all comes around full circle and one day
someone will do a random act of kindness on you when you're least expecting it... and the circle of kindness continues on! The difference is... YOU! When you complete your Random Act of Kindness, be sure to give the RAOK Card to the person as well! The card has instructions on the back telling the
person to fill in the Random Act of Kindness they received and they are then encouraged to Pay It Forward to someone else. By the third person
they will mail the cards back to our school, where we will hang the RAOK cards on the bulletin board in the hallway so we can see how PRIDE Academy is making a difference!! I'm just ONE person!
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