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Grooveshark - Story of a Startup

Learn about the founding of Grooveshark, as told by co-founder Josh Greenberg.

Scott Kearney

on 18 April 2011

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Transcript of Grooveshark - Story of a Startup

Grooveshark Story of a Startup As interpreted by Brian Amos, Philip Axelrod,
Scott Kearney, and Daniel O'Connell Narration by Josh Greenberg Getting Started Grooveshark's Goals Achieving Those Goals Business Model Future Plans What We Learned Grooveshark in its infancy How did you get the idea for Grooveshark and how has that idea evolved over time? What were some hurdles you had to overcome when you started out? How did you get the initial funding to launch Grooveshark? How important was it for you to have a business plan for a business? Beginning to Grow So you have this great idea, but when do you speak to a lawyer & how do you get the best lawyer for your company with limited funds? How did you find a business partner with the skill sets you lack? "I think plans are useless and planning is invaluable." -Josh Greenberg What "problem" is Grooveshark solving? People need access to songs
Digitally Provide a better way to download. Eventually, make downloads obsolete. What happened when you lost sight
of this goal? "We had lost sight of our core value proposition and we'd mixed it up in a plethora of slightly tangential, somewhat related, different features." - Josh Greenberg Better than Pandora Make the app... ...and make it fun. Grooveshark is taking care of business Originally revolved around allowing users to sell their music collection to other users Settled on live music streaming service/search engine How they make money
Ad Revenue
Artist Promotions
Subscriptions to Grooveshark Plus
70% Ads, 30% Subscriptions "...eventually it got to the point where we started actually using Grooveshark. We were like, 'Woah, this works.'" - Josh Greenberg "Be ridiculously . . . strict in your quality standards of who you're going to be partnering with. I mean, this is like a marriage. You gotta really find the right person." - Josh Greenberg Boulder, Colarado
Administrative, Legal, CEO, CFO
New York
Gainesville, Florida
Technology, maintenance, vision Creating a better tomorrow for musicians everywhere Opportunities Up-and-Coming Artists Artist Development Connection between Artists and Fans Threats Competitors Crumbling From Within Parting Thoughts Questions? Good ideas are common, what makes them exceptional is acting on them.

It's never to early to start a business. Do it.

Hiring Strategy

Culture of Grooveshark Is Grooveshark secretly founded by Dwight Schrute? Double App
UF Firewall As soon as possible
Aren't in it for the money
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