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New World Motivation & Success

No description

Brian Michael

on 31 July 2018

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Transcript of New World Motivation & Success

What is Imperialism?
A mother country’s rule over a people or place through colonization, military power, economic or political power, in order to exploit the colonies and benefit the mother country.

Great Britain wanted to import raw materials of low value and export manufactured goods of high value.
Joint-Stock Companies = investors would fund a trip to the New World looking to get rich
Surplus Population
Relieve the burden on Great Britain and send overpopulation over seas
Raw Materials, Raw Materials, Raw Materials
Motivated Government
Wwhy did England have success with colonies in the New World?
Spain, England, and France all claimed land in North America, but Spain was the 1st to build settlements here.
Spain claimed SE and SW America and quickly built settlements.
Presidios – forts to protect settlers
Missions – religious settlements with intent to convert the natives to Christianity
Pueblo - towns
Understand why Great Britain had great success in colonizing the New World.
Understand what motivated both the English government and people to begin colonizing the New World.
Varity of different people moved to the colonies
People searching for religious freedom
Convicted felons
Motivated Colonists
Motivated country with a need for raw materials
England was in a manufacturing revolution
They had used most of their own raw materials
Wanted their economic supremacy to grow
Availability of motivated colonists
There was no need of large standing army in England
England is an Island and protected by water
England had a surplus population
Fewer jobs, less people needed to grow crops, wanted opportunity for success
England’s policies regarding religion
Protestantism vs. Catholicism
Great Britain
Large navy and they were good sailors
England had control of the sea
Great location to transport both people and goods
Large navy and they were good sailors
Availability of motivated colonists
Motivated country with a need for raw materials
Top 3 Reasons for Britain’s Success
Why would these people want to come to the harsh new world???
Why would the government allow these people to go to the new world???
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