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Copy of Google glasses

No description

Giorgia Farace

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Google glasses

Overview Introduction
The product
Porter's Five Forces
Future Scenarios
Conclusion Introduction What is going to be the next innovation of phones? Google Glasses Back in Time Telegraph
Hard Phones
Mobile Phones
Smart Phones Google What is Google Glass?
It’s a glass with a smart phone in it.
It brings the Internet world and real world together.
It has a microphone, camera and screen.
It will be available from 2014. Questions Do you think Google glass will replace smartphones?
Would you purchase this product for $500? ...and Now? - Created in 1997, became a search engine one year later

- Almost 50’000 employees, with a huge cash flow

- The most famous Google products:
Google apps,
Drive less car,
Google Shopper,
Smart Phones thanks to the acquisition of Motorola Mobility (Nexus) and Computers Competitors Porter's Five Forces Pestel SWOT ANALYSIS Political
Economical: trendy, but cheaper product
Socio-cultural: society is always more "technology addicted"
Technological: practicality to have an all-in-one device
Legal What kind of innovation is Google Glass? Architectural Innovation: reconfigurations of the systems or components that constitute the product but the core process remains the same (Henderson and Clark’s framework) Google Glasses
Linkage between core components: changed
Core concepts: reinforced Future Scenarios Wearing technologies will become the next trend? The Evolution of S-Curves Benchmarking Analysis Google Glass will succeed Google Glass will be beaten Doctors and people with disabilities will use them It could completely substitute smart phones Individuals will live always more in an augmented reality We will keep using our smart phones that will be more technological advance Appropriability Regime No patents
Easily imitable
Google owns the complementary assets
Google is first mover (for what regards the glass-support idea) Djokic Sandra, Farace Giorgia, Gallo Silvia, Kucanin Leila, Nisoli Davide Being too soon, it can happen that consumer will not accept it. But this may be a chance to improve the product and present it in the future, as Apple did with its Apple Newton
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