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City Biodiversity Outlook

No description

sturle simonsen

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of City Biodiversity Outlook

Key message 9 Cities offer unique opportunities for learning and education about a resilient and sustainable future Cities and Biodiversity Outlook Mapping city biodiversity
15 October, 10:35 am
HICC Hall 3, Ground Floor By 2050, the world will have undergone the largest and fastest period of urban expansion in human history However, urban areas can still be biologically rich and lead the way in sustainable development The first global assessment of urbanisation, biodiversity and ecosystem services

Launch event
15 October, 10:35 am
HICC Hall 3, Ground Floor It summarises how urbanisation and urban growth affect biodiversity and ecosystems... ...and presents 10 key messages for sustainable use of natural resources in an urban context: Key message 1 Urbanization is both a challenge and an opportunity to manage ecosystem services globally Key message 2 Rich biodiversity can exist in cities Key message 3 Biodiversity and ecosystem services are critical natural capital Key message 4 Urban ecosystems can improve human health Key message 5 Urban ecosystem services and biodiversity can contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation Key message 6 Increasing the biodiversity of urban food systems can enhance food and nutrition security Key message 7 Ecosystem functions must be integrated in urban policy and planning Key message 8 Successful management of biodiversity and ecosystem services must be multi-scale, multi-sectoral, and multi-stakeholder based Key message 10 Cities can and must take the lead in sustainable development Launch event 15 October
10:35 am
HICC Halls 3, Ground Floor More than 60% of the area projected to be urban in 2030 has yet to be built LAUNCH EVENT 10:35 am
15 October
Halls 5 & 6
HICC Launch event 15 October
10:35 am, HICC Hall 3, Ground Floor
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