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presentation about Australia to my norwegian classmates.

Mei Griffin

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Australia

Australia! Melbourne Canberra Sydney Brisbane Darwin Perth Alice Springs Adelaide Hobart Parliment House Canberra war memorial Point Bell, South Australia Western
Australia South Australia Northern
Territory Queensland New South Wales Victoria Tasmania Most populated city
In New South Wales Palm Beach
Home & away
In NSW Here Host Family :D 2002-2008 Prep-Grade 6 Year 7 - Year 12 VCE = Years 11 & 12 1750ish people 250per year level 250 - 300 kids Uniforms Extra-curricular Febuary - December
4 terms, breaks inbetween terms.
private schools & public schools
start school at 5 School System Normal subjects & electives In year 10 you can choose VET You can drop out of school after year 10 Music
Visual Arts
Performing Arts
Leadership Victorian certificate of education.
ATAR score determines course in university or TAFE Wildlife & Nature 17 of the 22 most deadly snakes in the world
Variety of nature All over the world
Sport mad
Crude humor
The wiggles Melbourne: Places
laws Australian Rules Football Melbournians... Average Australian Bogan... Usually barracks for Collingwood or Calton
Always have a little to much to drink
Thinks mullets are still in fashion
Bad tattoos
Sun burn and tan lines
Too proud to be Australian AFL Grand Final
Cricket test series
Spring racing carnival
Grand Prix
Australian Open
Motor GP MCG
Ethihad Stadium
Bubble dome
Rod Laver Arena
Hisense Arena
National Sports Museum
Olympic Park Stadium
Flemington Race Course Who do you go for? Melbourne Vs. Sydney = AFL Vs. Rugby Handball
cannot run more than 15m
Points and Goals
Tackling Aussie Slang
barbie = BBQ
Ding bat = Fool.
Fair Dinkum = the real thing
G'arn = Go on, you're kidding!
G'day = hello
Hooroo = bye
Hard yacka = hard work
She'll be right=don't worry mate
Snag=A sausage.
spit the dummie= Lose your cool
Up shit creek =in trouble
Woopwoop=in the boonies, nowhere
Yobbo=crazy person
Yonks = long period of time Australian Traditions Australia Day New years Eve Christmas Anzac Day Family Intrests Friends My Life at Home Australian Music AC/DC
Men at work
Delta Goodrem
Gotye - somebody i used to know
Guy Sebastian - Battle Scars
Bliss 'n' Eso
Blue Juice
The Cat Empire
The Rims Tourism Australia Great Barrier reef
12 Apostles
Ocean Road
Mt. Buller
Theme Parks
Magnetic island
Phillip Island Thanks for watching! :D 17 of 22 most dangerous snakes in the world
Nature unique to Australia
"mozzies" "Kookaburra sits in
the old gum tree
Merry, merry king
of the bush is he
Laugh, Kookaburra!
Laugh, Kookaburra!
happy your life must be"
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