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Microsoft Surface

Telecommunications 101:02

Brittnee Bullington

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Microsoft Surface

Prices Wow! Factor "Get it Done" Factor [From a business perspective] Microsoft says that this is the most useful technology for businesses and personal consumers alike. Direct Interaction Technology Recognizing human touch & gestures
mobile devices
ordinary objects The actual screen makes it great because: 30 inches
bright and legible
Fantastic Resolution
Multi-touch simulation recognition Commercial Units:
In metal or black for $12,500
Developer Units:
In metal or black for $15,000
Services range from
$240 - $1,800 Microsoft Surface uses cameras and image recognition in the infrared spectrum to recognize different types of objects such as fingers, tagged items and shapes. The computer then processes this input and the resulting interaction is displayed using rear projection. The user can manipulate content and interact with the computer using natural touch and hand gestures, instead of a typical mouse and keyboard. What is Microsoft Surface? Hardware Uses 5 Inferred cameras, each looking at a quarter of the screen
Each camera combines the data into the system
The cameras each shoot 100 Megabytes per second to the system

The system Strips out the parts that are not moving and look at the parts that have changed

It uses a special board called a DSP board
oThey collect and process digital data from many sources, and distribute the results to other elements of the system.
Intro Microsoft has released a new product which is revolutionary, and uses the newest technology on the market. This product goes by the name of Microsoft Surface, and is a multi-touch and multi-user machine that is the computer of the future. This machine can do a variety of things and in this presentation we will discuss different aspects like features, hardware, business and consumer aspects, prices, and a basic overview of the machine. This machine is changing the way we use technology by introducing a new fun, easy, and exciting way to complete personal and or business tasks that are completed with technology. overview The Microsoft Surface itself is a multi-touch coffee table computer that will change the way people think about computers. The purpose of this machine is to make consumer and business productivity easier and more efficient. The Microsoft Surface does this by making file sharing between different devices fun and easy. This machine can also improve communication, and this machine allows multiple users interact on this machine at the same time. These improvements are made possible because a user actually interacts with the machine, and the machine can recognize certain things like symbols, hand gestures, and objects. This machine is revolutionizing how we communicate, share files, and manage different devices. Surface vision System •Finger context = Blobs
•Tagged Items allow Surface to understand what the item is, which way its facing or how to interact with it.
“Microsoft Surface provides tremendous potential for businesses to improve communication, and be more efficient in how they deliver information and services to their customers. The intuitive and approachable interface is easy to learn and the familiar software platform makes it easy to manage, too. The multi-touch and multi-user capabilities create an incredibly collaborative experience, where sharing and exploring information is easier than ever.”
Microsoft Says: What businesses
would want to buy
microsoft Surface? What sets it apart? business applications Microsoft Surface Concierge
Map their locations
Highlight specific attractions, businesses, and living areas near their venue
Financial Services
Fictional bank
Help plan the investments of the user
Graphs, service options
Use of different objects interacting with the application triggers unique responses
For example, it can respond to money placed on the surface.
Warehouse Floor Commander
Help organize and oversee where things are stored in warehouses, basements, and general storage facilities of companies and businesses.
Also helps plan storage realistically and much easier.
microsoft surface it can Help with shopping?! Because it is hard to judge products, such as surfboards, by just looking at them on a shelf, with Microsoft Surface users could take the tag and scan it on the surface to see their item like real life. They can also customize their item of interest, too. To pay for it the customer can pay with a Windows smart phone by placing it on the surface, and the phone will have the customizations saved. This is very time saving if a customer does not want to make a decision whether or not to buy. The customer can go home, sleep on it, and return the next day and have his customizations saved. How does Microsoft Surface work? At a high level, Surface uses cameras to sense objects, hand gestures and touch. This user input is then processed and the result is displayed on the surface using rear projection. Brittnee Bullington
Nic Childes
Kirstin Gent
Brandon Loshe
Joe Cawley
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