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Haiti Earthquake

No description

Tiffany Chan

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Haiti Earthquake

"Haiti Earthquake'' Only a small amount of roads are paved (2585miles)
-Landslides caused by maybe deforestation.
-Cracks found on road
-Railway distoryed
-Only 2 Modern Airports
1.5miles away from the capital.
Government not enforcing building code.
Lacking of managing security
Low expectation about structure of the buildings.

How to solve this problem? Working with the Haitian authorities to develop a building code from other earthquake-prone regions to prevent further destruction in the future.
- Many people were killed by the collapse of buildings.
Method 1 Method 2 : Training local engineers and planners for appropriate building designs and codes with a regulatory body that regulates the development of the building codes.
- Most of the buildings in Haiti had reinforced concrete frame but with little seismic reinforcement.
Method 3: Before reconstruction of the infrastructure begins, Haitian government should become more stable and functional.
- A weak government could not collaborate with communities from other countries.
Therefore... buildings to collapse easily to the earthquake
Reinforced masonry did not suffer as poorly comparing to the unreinforced ones. Majority of people who make $2 a day cannot afford to build stronger buildings. Transportation Not enough airplanes and airports only a few in Haiti near its capital Planes will have diffcuties to drop-off supplies. What Are They Doing Now??? Military Force is rebuilding infrastructures in Haiti. American military is builing a control
tower in haiti's airport to expand the
flight numbers per day from 30 to 160. repair the docks to allow ships to get in more easily. Giving out nearly 100,000 tents
for homeless people to live in Roads Farmer:
-Poor roads make It hard on farmers to transport their marketing goods to other places.
-Also makes it take a long time in order to transport aid to Haitians from other parts of the country. Haiti and helpful nations around the world respond correctly to this tragedy, perhaps it will never be repeated.” By Anne Kiremidjian

International AIDs US
Aid Agencies
United Nations "WORK CITED"


ATTENTION TiffanyChan, Daniel Lo, Hee-Jo, Mayuko
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