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Helen Keller's LIfe and Courage

This is my project on Helen Keller

Lauren Bartlett

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Helen Keller's LIfe and Courage

Helen Keller's Life and Her Courage Her Illness How Did She
"Communicate?" Here, she is demonstrating how she "listens" to actor Joseph Jefferson. Did She Go To School When She Caught This Illness? Helen Keller caught an illness in 1882 by the name of "acute congestion of the stomach and brain." This made her lose her hearing and sight at the age of 1 and a half. Helen Keller "listened" to
others speak by putting
her middle finger on the
speaker's nose, her forefinger
on the lips, and her thumb on
the larynx. Helen's father took her to a school called Alexander Graham Bell at the age of 7. This is a school only for blind or deaf children. She met her teacher, Anne Sullivan there. Anne Sullivan stayed with Helen for 49 long years. This is Helen Keller's father. Off To College She Goes By the time Helen was 16, she could communicate well enough to go to college. She chose a college called Radcliffe. There, she graduated in 1904 with honors. Helen Keller ended up being the first blind-deaf person to graduate from college. All this time through Helen's toughest years and her easiest years, Helen's teacher, Anne Sullivan stayed with her. This is Radcliffe College where
Helen went. She Helps
Others Helen Keller became interested in helping the blind and deaf. She appeared before the legislature, gave lectures, and wrote many books about the deaf and the blind. Then, one day she decided to start the Helen Keller Endowment Fund. She asked the weathly people for money to help support the blind-deaf. Helen recieved many awards for great distinctions. How Did She Show Courage? Helen Keller showed courage by being the first blind-deaf person to go to college. She went to school and put a lot of effort to be able to communicate. She also raised money for the blind-deaf peole. That takes a lot of courage! Helen went through life and did anything she wanted to. Helen Keller Helen will always be known for showing that people with any kind of disability can conquer anything they want to! Citations Stuckey, Kenneth A. "Keller, Helen." World Book Student. World Book, 2012. Web. 21 Mar. 2012 "How Are Acts of Courage
Revealed In Writting?" The writing tells a story about a person or an animal who has done something courageous. The courageous character shows acts of courage if he or she is doing something brave. For example, if a story is
telling that a person is
getting bullied, and someone
steps in, this is an act of
courage revealed in writing. People around the universe
are showing acts of
courage, not just in writing, but
in real life.
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