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[EN] Minecraft Design 1

No description

My Logiscool

on 7 July 2017

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Transcript of [EN] Minecraft Design 1

Minecraft Design camp
day 1

what is minecraft (#1)?
...who is from here...
Markus Persson (Notch) made it...
...created this company...
...which is now owned by
what is minecraft (#2)?
What makes a world?
random and "infinite"
Full of animals and dangers
Colorful (biomes)
What are blocks?
What is minecraft (#3)?
What kind of worlds are there?
what is minecraft (#4)?
Who lives in a Minecraft world?
hostile (agressive) mobs
Friendly (passive) mobs
What will we do?
resource pack creation
skin creation
level design
...with a story
WorldPainter introduction
With WorldPainter, we can create a Minecraft world using brushes, just like we would paint.
Let's check out the example!
WorldPainter intro - geirangerfjord
With enough patience, we can create amazing worlds
Google maps
WorldPainter top view
Ingame screen
User interface
Let's begin!
Basically we'll make an adventure map
It was a pleasure
programming with
you today!
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