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Period 3 DS Ramses II

No description

dan seltser

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Period 3 DS Ramses II

Ramses I
period 3, DS
A Teenager
Ramses II lived approximately between 1303b.c and 1224b.c

He ruled Egypt approximately between 1279 b.c and 1224 b.c
Ramses I was a big influence on Ramses II because he was his father and also the phoroah so he would have taught Ramses II about being a phoroah. Ramses II was one of the best pharoahs and probably because his father taught him at a young age.
When Ramses was a teenager he was proclaimed successor to the throne and had his own place in harem
people important in Ramses II life
Ramses II two youngest sons fallowed Ramses in battle right behind him on there chariots. They helped Ramses II win the battle and collect the goods
Nubia Battle
Ramses II traveled to Nubia for a battle. He needed to take over Nubia for two reasons; they were a close threat to Egypt, and that Nubia has exotic animals, wood , and gold. Ramses won the battle and collected the goods.
The theme for understanding world history is government for Ramses II because he inherited his power. Ramses II's father was a pharoh so his brother was inline for throne next.Ramses II's brother died before he could be in throne so
was next inline after that. Therefor he inherited his father.
watch the video about Ramses II temple
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