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Interracial Dating

No description

Jessica Magers

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Interracial Dating

Double click anywhere & add an idea According to Dictionary.com, Interracial means: of, involving, or for members of different races. Interracial Dating Interracial dating vs the law Against the law in some states in 1960's Loving v Virginia A white man and black woman won the right to return home after having fled their state to avoid jail sentence for getting married. Why it's looked down upon Religious beliefs Family
In 2003 adolescents in interracial romances were less willing to reveal their relationship to family and close friends than those in same-race relationships, suggesting that such relationships still do not receive whole-hearted approval by society.
Generation Faith Racism
Problems encountered
Cultural Traditions
T.V. Music
Today's Society
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