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IB English 12

No description

Wennicha Yang

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of IB English 12

JUNIOR YEAR Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Start This is
SKILLS TO SURVIVE IB TESTS Written Assignment Oral Commentary What you should know Oral Commentary Things you have to do Written Commentary Stop procrastinating and write that Written Assignment! Take IB English 12! You'll meet at least one of these two cool teachers! Mr.Brandt - You'll be super prepared for college
- A great challenge
- It's honestly not that difficult
- You'll suffer with your friends, but breathe with them too
- Umm.. it's fun... DUH!
- This is like the only IB class you get to go on AWESOME FIELD TRIPS with. Reasons Why YOU Should still consider IB ENGLISH 12 ..Zoom out of it .. Talk in a different language ..think you won't make it ..come unprepared ..puke Do NOT... - Know your Books:
- Hamlet
- Dust Tracks ..Panic - We know you're nervous - Remember that many of you have been practicing for this exam since sophomore year - You're basically having a conversation with your teacher about the poem and novel. - If you need to, face the wall and talk to it. You don't have to sit in front of your teacher. - Honestly, that's just embarassing, but it happens when you procrastinate - Know your stuff or make something up. YOU GOT THIS!!! - This is English 12 for a reason...
- You're testing in English
- If you have a different accent, so be it. However, the more educated you sound, the more points you may receive (perhaps)
- project your voice
- Many Lit. Conventions = Doubleplusgood!
- Make sure to go in depth about its important or role in the poem. - Before you face mr.brandt/pastor, you will be given 20 min of independent time to scan over a poem that you will choose randomly
- do not go blank
- write down all lit conventions you know
- determine which ones are in the poem
- label what you want to say first to last
- don't forget to make a thesis. - As long as you're prepared, YOU GOT THIS!
- Know how to dissect a poem, who William Blake is, what the two novels you are tested in is is about. Know William Blake OTHER ADVICES! - Things Fall Apart
- Purple Hibiscus
- A Farewell to Arms
- 1984 And you should also know.. The Author's & Main Character's names CAUTION!!! When testing... Other Information... Mr.Pastor Questions

THANK YOU! :D DO NOT fall asleep during prep time!
DO NOT say "um... um..." you'll sound ridiculous.
DO NOT stay focused on a question you don't know the answer to. You can ask for a new question and Pastor or Brandt will give you one.
DO NOT go off on tangents!!! Stay focused on one thought.
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