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Death of an Englishman

a book of a mistery story

Sara Romero

on 21 February 2011

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Transcript of Death of an Englishman

Death of an Englishman Main characters The Englishman (Langley-Smythe)
Cipolla (The cleaner)
Signor Cesarini Begining Carabineros Bacci, a police officer in training, receives call early one morning just before Christmas from a phone call one morning just before Christmas Cipolla, the cleaner at Via Maggio 58 and goes round Cipolla, cleaner through 58 and Maggio turns around to find an Englishman Called dead in Langley-Smythe to find an Englishman named Langley-Smythe dead in historical ground floor flat s, which is full of antiques. its ground floor flat, which is full of antiques. Marshal, Who is ill and so not could take the call, pays a brief visit and says That Cipolla's wife has just died. Plot Police concluded that Langley-Smythe was exporting illegally antiques as the fingerprints of Several Different People Have Been Found on the Englishman's furniture.

Believing that the antique dealer, Cesarini, in the first floor, is Involved in the murder and the illegal trade, the police trap him Entering the Englishman's trade, the police trap him entering the Englishman's flat in the middle of the following night with two other Men.

But the police have no evidence to link Cesarini with any crime. End Finally, the Marshal sends for Cipolla who tells him That His Wife had Worked for the Englishman who Had Refused to pay her. Cipolla had gone there and shot him almost by accident while in a state of anger and grief.
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