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Alinghi Leadership

Presentation of Dana Jovanovic, Frank Erb, Marisa Bumbacher

M. B.

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Alinghi Leadership

Dana Jovanovic, Frank Erb, Marisa Bumbacher Alinghi Leadership Content Roles and vision Communication and
conflict culture Conclusion Bertarelli's management style
Recruitment and team building
Roles and vision
Communication and conflicts
Conclusion Differences from other teams Living with their families instead of a hotel
Open internal communication
Bertarelli as a crew member
Built own ship, not fastest one
No fluctuation in staff
Better organized Assembly of core team
Well-known experienced experts
Whole team involved in recruitment
Team with no borders
Expertise before nationality
Share same ground
Engagement for families Situational/transformational leadership
Delegating management tasks
Participation in team activities
Role model and optimist
Pride not pressure Role shifting
Constant reflection on decisions
"People are happier when they are kept busy" - Bonnefous Language issues
Cultural differences
Verbal communication
Precise comm. structure on board
As much as needed, as little as possible
Voice tones and word patterns
Common values and rules Start was crucial
Team is the key
Common vision
Delegated management
Human leadership Bertarelli's Management Style Recruitment and Team Building Pride
Capability of winning
Inspiration for other teams Vision Roles Situational Leadership Transformational leadership Motivated staff
Inspired people
Meaningful work
Respected and trusted leader
Boosts creativity and innovation
Bring out very best of every person Benefits Team performance Shared vision
Team commitment
Empowered team environment
Functional team conflicts Transformational leadership Questions? Your turn. Due to the strength of the vision and personality of the leader Charismatic Leadership
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