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Learning Styles

No description

Julie Raiff

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Learning Styles

An Exploration of Period Three's Learners Learn to Learn: Auditory Learners Literary/Analytical Visual Kinesthetic Objective:
Know what kind of learner you are,
what are generally the most difficult
topics for that kind of learner, and how
to overcome these. There are different types of learners in our class period and that they will perform differently in different classes. Analyzing the Data: Find language arts challenging. Auditory Literary/Analytical Visual Kinesthetic Theme:

Challenges Works Cited: "Art-Clip-Art-13." Best Clip Art Blog. SEOPressor, n.d. Web. 13 Feb. 2013.
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<http://www.clipartpal.com/clipart_pd/education/textbooks1.html>. My Research Proved
My Hypothesis - Auditory Learners
- Literary/Analytical Learners
- Visual Learners
- Kinesthetic Learners I found that there are 4 types of learners: I hypothesized that... ***Note: This was NOT a scientific survey!*** Don't mind lectures. The environment is significant. Must pay lots of attention during lectures. An environment free of all distractions can help, but it is not very significant. Can recall sensory details. All Styles: Literary/Analytical, Visual, Auditory: Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic: Visual, Kinesthetic, Literary/Analytical: Auditory, Literary/Analytical, Kinesthetic: Auditory and Visual: Visual and Kinesthetic: Like to create things. Kinesthetic and Literary/Analytical: Organizing information with an image/illustration can aid the memorization of information. Literary/Analytical and Auditory: Reading over information can help to learn it. by Julie Raiff What type of learner are you?
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