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Allegory in Pop Culture

No description

Rachel Invective

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Allegory in Pop Culture

Allegory in Popular Culture
Hip-hop Music
Allegories can be found in all types of media: images, cartoons, written word, music, and film.
Allegory for minorities, LGBTQ, teenagers, or anyone else who doesn't feel like they fit in with society.
This film uses aliens as a stand-in for the minorities forced into ghettos during European rule. A bureaucrat is tasked with moving the "prawns" to a new area but slowly begins seeing the perspective of those marginalized for no logical reason, culminating in an intriguing, ambiguous end. Also, this film has been seen as an allegory for immigration.
An allegory for Jesus Christ: He's the son that comes from Heaven to earth. He heals others, is hunted by an authoritarian regime, dies and then comes back to life and is lifted back into heaven.
Carl dies after being told that he has to move to a nursing home. The rest of the movie is his symbolic journey through the afterlife. Russell is his spirit guide/guardian angel, to help Carl through his transition. His house represents his attachment to the physical world, which he lets go of at the end of the movie, when he has fully moved on into heaven.
Tupac - "Dear Mama"
"In real life, just like in Macbeth, all women are not just pure and true. Just because I write some songs about bad women, though, that doesn't mean I hate women. I've written songs that show great love and respect for women too. Songs that talk about strong, upstanding women and their pain.

"Look around you in this studio right now. I have women working on my music. They understand where I'm coming from. So does my mama. I always play my music for her before it comes out. Why do you think I wrote 'Dear Mama'? I wrote it for my mama because I love her and I felt I owed her something deep." - Tupac Shakur, 1995
"Me Against the World was all out of my heart…I just try to speak about things that affect me and about things that effect our community, and I try to do it from the viewpoint of the watcher…sometimes it's just allegories or fables that have a moral, or an underlying theme" (The Lost Prison Tapes).
Look for allegories in this next story, "Golden Kite, Silver Wind" on page 364.
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