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Flipping the French Classroom

No description

Fiona Boughey

on 11 July 2013

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Transcript of Flipping the French Classroom

Flipping the French Classroom
A Guide to Flipping for Languages
Follow the path to learn what considerations you'll need to achieve a flipped model of learning in a languages classroom.
Remember, start with small steps and build from there!
The Rationale
Okay, so you've heard about a flipped classroom but you'd like to know why it's becoming so popular and how you can implement it in your own classroom?
This model is beneficial because:
It flips the lecture/explanation phase of the topic from the classroom to the homework
Students spend class time actually practising / discussing / using the content being studied
The videos you create or assign (if they are existing) can be revised easily and used again.
The fundamental element in a flipped classroom is the video. You can either make your own, or search online for the content you want.
Experiment with making your own videos by creating a screencast with an app such as Explain Everything or a desktop program from Screencast-o-matic.
Make a channel on YouTube as a repository for your videos.
Essentially your video should be about 5-7 minutes in length.
Managing the Flipped Classroom
Sharing With Students
How do you manage the learning with this model?
Find or create videos on the topic you are teaching, grammar topics work really well
Assign the video to the students to watch for homework. They can just watch or take notes - you decide.
A great way to share videos is to make the link into a QR code
It is expected that the students have studied the content by watching the video and can now spend the next lesson working on exercises, discussing the content or creating content - whatever you want!
Where will you host the videos? YouTube is a great choice, as is Vimeo or premium hosting offered by Screencast-o-matic.
As mentioned before, consider creating a QR code to the video for easy access.
Sites such as www.videonot.es allow you to integrate the video and notes on one page.
A great to share is by embedding the video on a blog or wiki or Edmodo.
Other Resources
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