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No description

Adrienne Light

on 28 July 2014

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Transcript of Tone

Speaking Tone and Stress
Adding a stress on a word can change the meaning of a sentence
Your tone changes because of:
-who you are talking to
-your emotions

English is a stressed language. When speaking, tone and stress:

-add emotion
-make conversations interesting
-add stronger meaning to your words
Tone for
Different Emotions
How a word is said
I didn't steal your red hat.
Tone for
Different People
-to a teacher
-to a baby
-to a pretty girl

I have something to tell you.

Tone Practice
With a partner, say this sentence with a different tone.

He's not coming to visit.
1. excited
2. mad
3. to your boss
When a word is said stronger than the other words
Did you steal my red hat?
didn't steal your red hat.
Strongly saying you are innocent and someone else stole it.
I didn't
your red hat.
You have the hat, but didn't steal it. You borrowed it.
I didn't steal your
You stole a hat but it wasn't red.
I didn't say we should
kill him now.
Which words should be stressed?
I was so angry at John. He forgot to call me on my birthday. He said he remembered, but it was too late to call.
Listening practice
Write the sentence.
Circle the stressed word.
Match the stressed word to the correct response.
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