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Copy of edjop

life of edjop

NUSP National

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Copy of edjop

Jopson was born on September 1, 1948 to Hernan and Josefa Jopson.
He grew up in a well-off family in Sampaloc, Manila.
Who was Edjop and why are we honoring him now?
Edjop was a product of his times, of the social conditions in which he lived
Prior to 1965:
Country de-controlled: further opening up of economy to foreign capital
1. Anti-war activism in Columbia University and UC Berkeley
2. French Student Movement
3. Chinese Cultural Revolution
4. Founding of the Kabataang Makabayan
5. First Quarter Storm (FQS)
Worldwide Movements Against U.S. Domination
Student activist picketed the SONA OF Marcos
NUSP was also part of the protests, where they shouted for reforms, whereas the KM shouted revolution
It was in these historic times when Edjop was president of the NUSP
Militarization in the countryside
Edjop was on the other side of the Storm
How was it that he became more politicized?
admired the National Democrats
BMI in Bantay, Ilocos Sur (warlordism & feudalism)
Visited China (Chinese Revolution & Cultural Revolution)
BUT he still pinned hope that the 1971 ConCom would create the needed social reforms; it did not
1. Management Engineering Graduate
2. TOYM Awardee
3. NUSP President
Trade Union Organizer
Organized even the labor union of their supermarket!
Afterwards, Edjop realized the greater call of his times. He joined the armed struggle in the countryside to live with and organize peasants.
Edgar Jopson lived a life of struggle in the service of the hopes and aspirations of the Filipino students and the Filipino people.
He left his charmed life in Manila to be with the masses, to
May pagbabago ba sa lipunan mula noon hanggang ngayon?
Edjop's life and struggles are still relevant today.
Follow the Footsteps of Edjop:
1. Struggle for the right to education
2. Struggle for a NSMOE
3. Live and fight the struggles of the students and the Filipino people
4. Strugggle for genuine freedom and national democracy
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