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Percy Jackson Story Mountain

A story mountain for the book The Lightning Theif

maria nguyen

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Percy Jackson Story Mountain

The Lightning Thief Story Mountain How it Started Percy is a troubled kid. He goes from school to school and he seems different every time. Percy's problems started the day he went to a Museum Field trip. While at the museum his Pre-Algebra teacher, Mrs.Dodds, tried to kill him. On the way home Percy sees 3 old ladies cut some yarn, Grover gets worried because when you see those 3 women cut the yarn someone will die. Going to Summer Camp Grover tells Percy about demigods (half god half humans) while on the bus ride home. Percy doesn't believe him until he and his mom go on a vacation and Grover tells them to go to a special summer camp. At the entrance of the summer camp, "Camp Half-Blood", he fights a minotaur. He also looses his mother and hopes to find her. At the camp he meets a girl named Annabeth, a big guy named Luke, Mr. D. Chiron, and a mean girl named Clarisse. Soon he figures out his dad is Poseidon and gets offered a quest to find Zeus' Lightning Bolt. The Lotus Casino The Casino offers a free room, they decide to stay for what looks like 2 days but is really 5 because of the Casino's magic. Their deadline is one day away now. They then take a bus to LA where they believe the entrance to the Underworld is (Hades is there and they think he stole the lightning bolt. "Aunty Em" A few days into the quest they stumble along a shop, Aunty Em's Garden Emporium, that sells garden statues. It turn out that it was Medusa (a snake haired women) that made the statues and was about to turn Annabeth, Grover, and Percy into statues too. They fight back and manage to kill her. They continue the quest and ended up in Las Vegas. The Alternate Ending Grace, Daniel, and Maria will be reading their version of the ending, while they read there will be a narration through images, we hope you enjoy. :D
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