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Hotel Operation

No description

Zenzus Deus

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Hotel Operation

Hotel Business Plan General Information Siam Thani Beach Resort & Spa Headquarters Industry Hospitality, Tourism Phuket, Thailand Location Chalong, Phuket Architectural Contemporary Thai
Modern Luxury Style Room Types Duplex Beachfront
Grand Pool Villas Suite Duplex Ocean Front
Grand Pool Villas Duplex Ocean View
Pool Villas Follow us Services Resort Wedding Spa Restaurant Yacht Map Our Website EARLY BOOKING ADVANTAGE Embrace the lush tropical Chalong beach and indulge in a charming resort for an extraordinary dream holiday! EARLY BOOKING ADVANTAGE Escape to the peaceful, unspoiled Chalong beach. Pamper yourself in the spacious pool villas for an exclusive holiday! Experience best romance in a 5 Star Luxury hotel with this Romantic Escapade Package. ROMANTIC ESCAPADE | Chalong ABOUT US | RESORTS | SPECIAL OFFERS | PHOTO GALLERY | ACCOMMODATIONS | SPA | WEDDING Macro economic indicators: Unemployment rate (Source from: http://www.businessinsider.com/unemployment-rate-developed-emerging-markets-2012-6) (Source from: http://markets.ft.com/research/Markets/CountryOverview?country=KR) Chalong Dream Hotel and Resort Exquisite Location Unemployment Rate 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 (Source from: http://www.bot.or.th/English/Statistics/Indicators/Pages/index.aspx) Macro economic indicators: Inflation rate The high inflation rate of developing countries might have potential to influence the consumer’s purchasing power within its own countries to become weaker Advanced economic countries tends to have higher unemployment rate tends to be higher than developing countries since 2008. Tarket Market Russian
Korean Demographic Honeymooner
Family Macro economic indicators: GDP GDP of developing countries tends to be better than advanced economy countries with rapid economic growth rate in recent years. (Source from: http://www.bot.or.th/English/Statistics/Indicators/Pages/index.aspx) However, currency performances from Eastern Europe (Russia +2.63% exchange rate) and some Asia specific regions such as Republic of Korea with + 2.63% exchange rate which are stronger than Thai currency.
It indicates that the consumers’ purchasing power from Eastern Europe and Korea tend to be stronger in Thailand, and more consumers from Eastern Europe and Korea to Thailand would be prospected Passengers arrive in Phuket are increasing year by year, most of them are international passengers, international tourists are major market for Phuket tourism industry. Luxury hotel tends to be more popular than before for international tourists in Phuket by growth occupancy rate of luxury hotel with lower average room rate with average 500 USD (15193.5 Baht base on currency 30.873Baht/USD in Bank of Thailand) per night. Average staying nights for international tourists tend to be less than before, because of the changing geographic area from western Europe tourists. Competitor Main Considered Competitors - Five star hotel which locates in Chalong bay, Phuket.
- There are total 45 luxury pool villas with 1 villa style in the hotel.
- Mediterranean art is main architectural style of hotel.
- Major facilities: in-villa BBQ,cooking class, swimming pool and library.
- Best value rate during this time is around GBP 538(26941.32 Baht which convert from currency of Bank of Thailand) and GBP 570 (28543.78Baht) Villa Zolitue Deluxe pool villa

- Room description: this types of villa has spacious lounge area,LCD screen
- Size of room: 170 sqm
- Location: hillside of hotel, forest can be seen for this type of room Grand pool villa

- Room description: villa has a separate lounge room located just off the pool and outdoor deck area
- Room size: 200 sqm
- Location: be able to see the sunrise of Changlong bay Competitive Advantages Our resort will apply differentiation strategy approach which aim to gain competitive advantages by provide unique products and services. Location Siam Thani situated by front of Chalong Bay beach, private white sand and quiet beach. Our guests can be enjoying either beach activities or water activities, not only generally activities but also sailing with our yawl as well as dining under candle light on our private yacht. Amenities Grand Pool We have an extensive luxury crystal water pool stretching windily behind each residential dock and make them connected with the grand pool. There is a waterslide which assure that your lovely children will love it. Services Butler Service in All Suites Two bedroom villa

- Room description: same features and amenities as Grand pool villa but have 1 more bed room Four bedroom villa

- Room description: These types of villa have large living area Location Amenities Services Cuisine Site Existing
infrastructure - 4 metre-wided road
- Power supply (Electrical grids)
- Water supply
- Transportation: Tuk-Tuk, taxi, motorbike, public bus, boats
- Telecommunication: Internet (WI-FI), post office, television signal, telephone lines and cell phone towers
- Fire stations
- Pharmacy
- Golf course
- Temples
- Docks
New Road from Patong to Chalong Bay which indicates the new expansion opportunity in Chalong area. Future
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