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alphonse amobi

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of LATIN AMERICA

the physical features of Latin America are Amazon
River, Caribbean Sea,Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Ocean, Panama Canal, Andes Mountains, Sierra Madre Mountains, and Atacama Desert.
Some political features in Latin America are Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia,Cuba, Haiti, Mexico, Panama, and Venezuela.
(SS Book)
*Most people live in
southern Mexico
because of hot and
*12% of land is used
for farming
*75% people live in
urban places
copper, zinc, silver,
and lead are some
of their resources
*Most Venezuelans
live along the coast of
the Caribbean Sea and
in the nearby mountain valleys
*it is too wet to farm
*88% live in urban places
*hydro power, natural gas bauxite, and diamonds ar,e some of their resources
*Most Brazilians live
across the Atlantic
*84% live in urban
*Climate varies from
tropical in the north and
sub tropical in the south
*About 75 percent
of Cubans live in
cities and towns like
the capital city of Havana
*76% live in urban areas
*Land is dangerous due to earth quakes and hurricanes
Page 56 in notebook
Latin America culture is influenced by Europeans from colonization (mostly by Spain and Portugal).There culture has influence Latin America's language, religion, and architecture.

Caribbeans are heavily influenced by Africa. They are one of the largest ethnic groups. Africans were brought to the Caribbean to work as slaves. They influenced food, dance, music, and tradition.
Latin americans mostly speak Spanish and Portuguese. The reason the reason it is this way is because Spain and porugal controlled most territories. Spanish is mostly spoken in Mexico while Portuguese is spoken in Brazil.
Countries who have low literacy rates affect the citizen's standard of living. A developed country with a high literacy rate have a good standard of living.A country that improves the literacy rate among its citizens will improve the standard of living within that country and improve its economy.http://www.mrcheeksclass.com/class-lessons/latin-america/geography/la-g4
Air pollution is a problem in Mexico, Santiago, and Chile. The reason they are is because they are cities that are surrounded by mountains so the mountains trap the pollution.
The Amazon River Basin in Brazil is worlds largest rain forest. They have cut down trees for building materials and land has been cleard to raise livestock and grow crops. It has left many plants and animals without homes.
Oil is an important natural resource in Venezuela it is 50% of government revenue, but the oil causes environmental and economic problems. The oil spills and kills fish and damages the environment. This reduces the fishing industry. Also it has shut down tourist resorts.
The Aztec empire as big until Spanish conquistador under control of Hernan Cortes arrived. He controlled Montezuma and controlled the the Aztecs. Soon they began to fight but Montezuma was killed. So the Spanish were forced to leave Tenochtitlan.
The Colombian exchange both have good and bad affects on the northern and southern hemisphere. When europeans came they brought horses this gave Native Americans new transportation. The bad thing is that Europeans brought diseases with them to like small pox and many Latin Americans died so they had no natural defense against it.http://www.mrcheeksclass.com/class-lessons/latin-america/history/la-h2
Many Europeans settled in the Americas because they were promised of good farmland and potential riches. They need a work force so first they used Native Americans but they died from European diseases so their solution was to use Africans.http://www.mrcheeksclass.com/class-lessons/latin-america/history/la-h2
Haiti declared
independence from
France in 1791. They
fought in a revolution
until 1804
Miguel Hidalgo was the one who gave independence to Mexico.. Hidalgo declared Mexico's independence from Spain on September 16, 1810. Simón Bolívar was a military and revolutionary leader He led an independence movement that helped to create the Republic of Colombia in 1819.
In 1959, Fidel Castro succeeded in overthrowing the Cuban government.He led a revolution with his brother Raul, Ernesto "Che" Guevara, and 9 others. Castro was then responsible for starting a communist government. Having a communist country so close to the United States concerned the U.S. government. Though the U.S. tried to replace the communist government in Cuba, their efforts all failed.In response, the United States place an embargo on Cuba.
Guerrillas is a Spanish word
meaning little war. v Living
in the poorest state in Mexico
has led members of the EZLN
to believe that the Mexican
government is not doing
enough to help the poor in the country.Most supporters of
this group are of Mayan
and other native heritage.
The reason of Spanish and Portuguese language and religion is because Spain and Portugal were the original settlers in Latin America. Roman Catholicism is the religion most followed in Latin America.
(Graphic Organizer)
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That's all
I'm done
Alphonse Amobi

this is the end i hope all of you enjoyed it
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