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Allusions Project

Biblical Myths, Group 1

Davinder Atwell

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Allusions Project

Bibical Allusions,
Group 1 The Philistinian army was at war with Israel. The Philistinian army had a giant named Goliath, whom everybody was afraid of, including Israel's king, King Saul. Nobody had the courage to face Goliath until David, Kin Saul's son, decided to fight in the war. David set out to defeat Goliath with nothing but a slingshot. During the fight, David waiting until he could get very close to Goliath. When he had gotten close enough, he used his slingshot to launch a stone it Goliath's forehead. Goliath fell face-down, and David used Goliath's sword to kill him and cut of his head. The Philistinian army, after seeing their hero dead, fled away. David
Goliath Allusions Project Eduardo Guadardo Major Character: The Philistines and Israelites, David, Goliath, King Solomon. Works that allude to David and Goliath:
-The Odyssey Symbols:
-The giant--symbolic of brute human force, which keeps the spiritual self from growing.
-The rock--symbolic of a solid/deep spiritual faith and trust
-The slingshot: symbolic of assuredness and self-confidence Theme: Although we may be facing large problems, when God is with us we can overcome any obstacle.
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