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The Effect of Global Warming on Frogs

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Lori Horning

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of The Effect of Global Warming on Frogs

The Effects of Global Warming on Frogs By: Reba Sines Biologist blame global warming for the decline of the South American tree frogs. Theses frogs are used to having lots of sun, but according to the University of Manchester "global warming is leading to more cloud cover in the frogs' natural habitat." Since clouds are covering the habitats the frogs can not sunbathe, which kills off deadly fungal infections, leading to the dying of the species. Some ways you can help save the South American frog:
Don't use pesticides. Using these on our lawn ends up in waterways, which end up at the frogs favorite hangouts. Properly dispose of batteries. Not disposing them properly can be life threatening. Conserve water. The fresh water that we use is also the water that some frogs use. Resources:
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