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Introduction to OB


'Yash Vachhani

on 3 November 2012

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Transcript of Introduction to OB

Empresa Presents
Introduction to Organisational Behaviour

1. The organization and managers

2. The organization and individual

3. Organizational behavior and behavioral science

i. Psychology

ii. Social Psycology

iii. Sociology

iv. Anthropology
Various trends

1. The systems approach

2. The socio-technical system approach

3. The democratic approach

4. The contingency approach

5. The interactional approach Management Functions

1. Planning

2. Organizing

3. Leading

4. Controlling Management Roles

1. Interpersonal roles
2. Informational roles
3. Decisional roles Management Skills

1. Technical skills
2. Human skills
3. Conceptual skills Developing an OB model

1.Dependent variable

i. Productivity
ii. Absenteeism
iii. Turnover
iv. Job Satisfaction

2. Independent variable

i. Individual level Variable
ii. Group Level Variable
iii. Organization System-Level Variable Challenges and Oppurtunities

1. Managing workforce diversity
2. Improving quality and productivity
3. Improving customer service
4. Helping employee balance work-life
Empresa Members

Yashashree Chaudhari 10

Mayuri Jagiasi 23

Mamta Khalsa 26

Jatin Menghani 34

Shashank Tambatkar 52

Rakesh Thadani 54

Yash Vachhani 55

Viraj Vaze 59 THANK YOU
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