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No description

vanessa mitchell

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of irt

bibliography Thank you for
watching What are the origin of mythical creatures and how are they represented in different cultures Are there any questions or
comments My narrative My book review For my fine arts i did a silver unicorn called kermit the most majestic Kermit there ever was and a colage with pictures of mythical creatures. My fine arts today i didt Diary entry 23rd July
Today i did lots of note taking its not really fun. I've almost finished my book i want to read the whole series because their easy to read but their interesting. I'm reading My secret unicorn a winter wish. Information report For extra reaserch i got Mr. smiths class
to do a quiz for me to get their opinion
on mythical creatures Quiz Today i almost finished my presentation report but im still not finished :( I'm really upset too because no one is helping me get the equipment for my art work and no one was helping me with the printer because we had a big family lunch today and i had to do chores and every thing. i haven't started my collage and no one is helping me with the printer because we also had a family lunch today so i had to do chores and things. i dint do enough work this weekend in not happy and i bet ms vitel wont be either my fine arts went from this To this Mythical creatures are very different through different cultures. the first mythical creatures came from China, Greece, Europe, Korea and Japan. Centaurs are half man half horse. They first appeared in Greek stories and are unique to Greece Centaurs were a pain for the people who lived in Greece. they would always get drunk, harass young women, trample on crops and eat raw flesh. Unicorns are the most popular mythical creature in my opinion. they are usually sweet and prefer not to be seen by humans. My information report was all about dragons, unicorns, fairies and centaurs. I wrote about their origin and what they are like in different cultures. Beautiful right? I also did a collage its got my little pony and how to train a dragon stickers on it the rest of the pictures are images from the internet. It went from that To that People always hunt unicorns for their horns because people would lots of money for a unicorn horn and they are believed to heal the sick. Unicorns come from China, Greece, Europe, Iran and and india and in all these countries unicorns are compleatly different in appearence and their behaviour. I also did a colage It started like this and ended along the lines of this put your hand up if you think unicorns have wings. They actually don't Pegasus do. Dragons are said to be the most fierce mythical creature there is but in some cultures that is not true. European dragons usually live near lakes, secret lairs or underground. They are also very similar to fairy tale dragons Every 12 years china celebrates the year of the dragon and guess what this year is the year of the dragon. Its not only Asia that treat dragons well whales has a red dragon on their flag because that red dragon was their saviour. Fairies liked messing with humans. they would tangle our hair, make us dance instead sleeping, stealing our belongings and replacing our babies with fairies babies. Irish and Scottish cultures belive that fairies are tiny immortal people that like hiding from humans. There are also fairies that protect and love nature. Like chaneqeu, the north american and chinese fairies. Some stories say that fairies live in trees and hills and the only way into their secret world is through the kapok tree. Books Mythical creatures 1
Mythical creatures 2
fantastic creatures
The world book volume p
fantasy encyclopideia Web sites http://www.amnh.org/exabition/mythicalcreature
http://en wikipedia.org/wiki/legendary_creature
http://www.scholastic.com/browse/artical.jsp?id=11946 Quiz and interview linda chapman (no reply)
mr smiths class did a quiz for me My narrative was about a girl called Kathryn who gos on a magical journey to find he parents For my novel i read My secret unicorn A winter wish by Linda Chapman Quiz 1.Why do people pay lots of money for a unicorn horn?

2. how long do dragons stay with their children for?

3. what do sccotish fairies do to people with dirty houses? I learn't allot this term like how to write a good narrative. I also didn't know that unicorn horns could cure sick people.
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