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Disorders of The Respiratory System - Lung Cancer


Kristina Le

on 25 May 2013

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Transcript of Disorders of The Respiratory System - Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer The purpose of this system is to supply oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the body through gas exchange and ventilation. The lungs are one of the main organs of this system. RespiRATORY SYSTEM WHAT IS LUNG CANCER? Lung cancer, like any other type of cancer is an uncontrollable growth of cells but in this case it's in the lungs. Types Of LUNG CANCER + 1. Small-cell Lung Cancer (SCLC) Grows quickly and usually spreads to other parts of the body. This type occurs mostly in current or former smokers. This form is the more aggressive one of the two. 2. Non-small cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Is the more common of the two, it makes up 70-80% of all lung cancer cases. This type grows more slowly and spreads locally before it becomes widespread. SYMPTOMS a cough that doesn't go away
chest pain
coughing up blood
shortness of breath
swollen neck/face
wheezing, hoarseness, loss of voice
weight loss
loss of appetite SMOKING! Tobacco in cigarettes contains many types of harmful chemicals that can cause cancer. In Canada, about 85% of lung cancer cases are resulted from smoking. Other Causes Second hand smoke
Exposure to Radon gas
Exposure to high levels of air pollution
Personal or family history of lung cancer
Previous lung disease Treatments for Lung Cancer Surgery Surgically remove the tumor and surrounding tissue, parts of the lungs or the whole lung itself Radiation Therapy Using powerful x-rays or other forms of radiation to kill cancer cells Chemo Therapy Using drugs to kill rapidly growing cancer cells and stop new cancerous cells from growing Laser A small beam of light burns and kills cancer cells By: Semmi Wong and Kristina Le Causes of Lung Cancer WORKS CITED LIST
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