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Solstice: Introduction to Team Based Learning

No description

Rebecca McCarter

on 9 June 2016

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Transcript of Solstice: Introduction to Team Based Learning

Solstice: Introduction to Team Based Learning
A typical TBL unit
Readiness Assurance Process
So what IS team based learning?
Benefits and challenges
Next steps...
Normally done before class

Please read 'The least you need to know about TBL'
Application Exercise
Which of the following is the
most important
reason that TBL works?

A. Students receive immediate feedback in the tRATs
B. Students work on challenging and authentic applications
C. Students are held accountable to their teams
D. Students are actively applying knowledge to solve problems
E. Students are able to challenge staff and other student teams
F. Students relate new knowledge to, and integrate it with, pre-existing knowledge (constructivist learning theory)

Workshop Plan

very short
TBL cycle
Structured form of flipped learning: it changes the emphasis from
what the instructor says
what the student does
and then builds on that through working in groups to solve problems
If marks for a module are based on group work then some students will do more than their fair share of work and others will get a free ride
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