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Investigation Company Presentation

Alastair Steel

on 10 February 2010

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Transcript of EPA VIC

Polonious Case Management Reports =
SIU Results
Vendor Performance
Investigator Performance Flexible = your business your way Automated alerting = reminder that action is required
Improved turn around times = more referrals Client / Interested Party Secured Access CASE HANDLING
HIGH LEVEL OVERVIEW Quick implementation = six weeks to live Time Frame for Going Live

Roll out occurs in the following phases;

PHASE I: Server Setup. Server set up and application installation. (remote, 2 days)

PHASE II: Initial configuration - This includes all base application data such as the web addresses to be used, organizational structure, default business definitions, person and asset types, and roles. Security roles and initial users are created in the system. (remote, 3 days)

PHASE III: On-site Configuration. Business process definitions are created. Roles and responsibilities defined. Mapping of business processes and walk through with system users. User acceptance. Development of training material specific to the client. (on-site 3-5 full days)

PHASE IV: Off-site Support. Regular web meetings and communications to review system roll out and implementation. (Up to 10, 1 hour online meetings to work through jobs/questions over the first few weeks before live date)


PHASE VI: Ongoing health checks. Typically every 3 months, Polonious will conduct a virtual web meeting or visit the customer to assist with system adoption. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Installations = 34 including
Investigation Companies
1200 users log into the system every day Customer example: investigation completion times moved from 40 days to 20 days Successfully compliance audited by a major bank.
Managerial time freed up as executive reporting now automatic.
Significant bureaucratic time reduction as forms are automatic.
These reports took the SIU manager 3 days to prepare historically and are now available at the push of a button. Polonious can duplicate your existing business process in the software tool.

As part of the configuration, we can often reduce steps and save time. Investigation Unit
Can explain its value using via Executive Reports showing workloads, costs and savings of internal teams and vendors. DRILL DOWN TO DETAIL INNOVATIONS


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