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BEYONDERS seeds of rebellion

No description

jackson lockhart

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of BEYONDERS seeds of rebellion

rising action Jason gets eaten by a hippo. AGAIN. And gets transported to another world and dimension. AGAIN. And no, it's not the twilight zone. It's a world called Lyrian, medieval without much technology and it's ruled by the evil wizard Maldor. Then he meets up with his friend Rachel who is learning edomic (a kind of magic.) they make a group of people and head to the land of the Amar Kabal to get some representatives of the free people of Lyrian to the prophet. climax When the group of people; Jason, Rachel, Corinne, Farfalee, Drake, Nedwin, Aram, Nollin, Ferrin, Tark, Andrus, Delissa, and Halco set out for Mianamon. They lose Andrus and Delissa at the howling notch ( really REALLY fast winds ). And then enter the forsaken kingdom that was overrun by a plague of the UNDEAD. Yeah, zombie fights, without guns. Halco is bitten and then returns, but he decides to join the sentinals. characters: Jason, Rachel, Galloran, Maldor, Ferrin, the prophet of Mianamon, Drake, Tark, Corinne, Nedwin, Farfalee, Aram, and Nollin. exposition. setting: Lyrian. conflict: Jason and his group of friends and allies travel across Lyrian to Mianamon to see the prophet to see if there is any hope for rebellion against the evil wizard Maldor. NYPD WELLS FARGO. book 2 book 3 ( not out yet) :( book 1 BEYONDERS seeds of rebellion BY Brandon Mull falling action/resolution. The delegation is ambushed by Maldor himself ( what an honor) at the last inn, in the land of the Drinlings ( small people that live short lives but are incredibly fierce warriors) but then Galloran comes in and saves them. THEME: I think the theme of the story is to cling to the slightest amount of hope. SYMBOLS Gallorans' eyes: Galloran kills a displacer and takes his eyes. But since Maldor can see through those eyes, he only uses them when he fights. So all evil will see is defeat. Ferrins' artery: At first, Galloran didn't trust Ferrin. So Ferrin gave him an artery from his neck. That symbolizes trust, a lot of trust. Halcos' Amar: when Halco is bitten, he trusts drake with his Amar. The Amar Kabal see drake as a traitor, because after years of fighting Maldor alone. Accepted an invitation to the luxurious, absolutely marvelous Harthenham. so that symbolizes forgiveness. Funny Quote : "Fair enough. Does any member of this group have a problem with the presence of any other member? Be honest. Speak now, or keep silent hereafter." "Aram snores," Ferrin said. Several people, including Rachel, strained to resist laughter. Farfalee looked exasperated. " Does this seem like a useful time for humor?" "I'm not joking," Ferrin deadpanned. "It sounds like a bear drowning in a tar pit." I really liked this book, and I would recommend it for fans of Fablehaven, and other fantasy novels. Genre: fantasy, because there are wizards and zombies and such. my book
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