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Life of Pi

No description

Ramsey Srikanthakumar

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Life of Pi

Life of Pi

Question #1:
Note the
shifts in chapter 58. The list of advise from the manual has a distinct
. The paragraphs that follow Pi's reading have another. The last three paragraphs have a different
altogether. What is the
of each of those segment? What literary techniques contribute to the
in each segment?
Question #2:
Track Pi's emotions throughout this section. What is the pattern? What causes each mood?
Question #3:
Discuss the
of chapter 60. How is that
Question #4:
Note the use of
in chapter 61. Who is talking to Pi about what to feed the tiger? What
does this speaker take? What might account for this sort of conversation?
Ramsey & Kishion

In the chapters 56 to 62 Pi finds a survival manual in the lifeboat locker and uses it like a bible to guide him. Later on, Pi finds twelve solar stills. He uses them to transform salt water to fresh water. He also then makes a few improvements to his raft. At this time, Pi hears Richard Parker making a sound. A sound that he's never heard before. Prusten.

While Pi was on the lifeboat looking for bait, a school of flying fish were flying by. Richard Parker gets his share of the food when Pi sets out to kill one himself. Once he sets hands on one, he hesitates and then cries. This is a huge deal to him because Pi has been a vegetarian his whole life.

Pi finally overcomes his aversion and begins to do what his body needs him to do.

in the end, he realizes that it's been a week.
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