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Copy of The Outsiders

Outsiders Soundtrack project.Its Awesome

Cindy Leisure

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Copy of The Outsiders

How To Save A life
We chose this when Johnny kills Bob when he was running with Pony and the socs showed up and were drowning Pony.After he killed Bob he felt like he was a monster.He felt like a monster and in the lines it said "I'm only a man with a chamber, who's got me?I'm taking a stand to escape whats inside me. A monster, A monster,I've turned into a monster, A monster."
We chose this when Johnny is dying and tells Ponyboy to stay gold and when Johnny dies and Dallas is broken.It is that everyone will meet Dallas and Johhnny again,obviously after they have all died.
The Outsiders
Soundtrack Project

We chose this song for when the church is burning because that was the cause of which Johnny died.If they knew how to save a life Johnny would have been alive.
This song reflects the whole of Ponyboy's life from his own point of view,how he feels and how he wants things to be.He thinks the world would be a better place "if everyone cared then nobody died".
By: Hammad Aziz
Mikhail Ali
Humail Ahmed
Momin Kashif
Saad Amir

I'll See You Later
We chose this song when Darry slaps Ponyboy. He slapped Ponyboy because he comes back home very late and that he didnt mean to slap him, something inside him forces him to. Those were the demons inside him.We chose this due to the lines "It's where my demons hide,don't get too close its dark inside, its whery demons hide its where my demons hide.
We think that this song is perfect to explain the life of a greaser.They have everything pretty rough on the poor side of the country.The song talks about all the rough breaks and how unfair their life is.The greasers have to work together and support each other because they are underdogs.In the song there is a line which says "People like us we've got to stick together, its hard to get high when you're living on the bottom" that we think is exactly the greasers life and how they live.
We chose this song for when the greasers fight the socs in the end for their turf. The song is based on a rumble. We thought it would be perfect because the greasers were warning the socs to beat it or they would beat them up. If they tried to be "macho men" it would be possible that it could cost them their lives.
We chose this song for when Dally dies,the way Dally looked at things,it was as if he was alone in his life.In the lyrics there is a part which says "sometimes I wish someone out there will find me till then I walk alone."I think that was how Dally felt for Johnny.Then when Johnny died he must've felt that the one who had finally found him was now gone.Commiting suicide was his way of reuniting with Johnny.
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
We picked this song for when Sandy left Soda. The lines say "I tried to go on like I never knew you.I'm awake but my world is half asleep,I pray of this heart to be unbroken,but without you all I’m going to be is incomplete."This tells that since Sandy left Soda, Soda feels incomplete without her.He is very lonely. He doesn't know what to do anymore,without her.
We chose this song Be Alright by Justin Bieber to show the feelings of Soda for Pony.When Pony and Johnny go into hiding.The lyrics say that "over the mountains,across the sky.I care for you and i'll always be there for you."This reminds me of how far the 2 brothers were and it also reminds me of how much he missed his brother and cares for him.
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