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Introduction to Multimedia 1, Period 2 Group B

This Prezi is designed to give my multimedia 1 students a thorough overview of what this class will entail. To help them understand this better, the class will be divided into small groups to log onto this Prezi to finish each section of the Prezi.

Rich Cole

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of Introduction to Multimedia 1, Period 2 Group B

Multimedia Tools at Your Disposal
Presentation Software
Microsoft PowerPoint
Audio Editing
Adobe Audition & Avid Pro Tools
Video Editing
Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro
2D & 3D Motion
Graphics & Special Effects
Adobe After Effects & Eyeon Fusion?
Prezi & Google Docs & Open Office
Audacity & Filelab Audio Editor
Adobe Photoshop
GIMP & Pixlr
What is Multimedia?
Multimedia is media and content that uses a combination of different content forms. This contrasts with media that use only rudimentary computer displays such as text-only or traditional forms of printed or hand-produced material. Multimedia includes a combination of text, audio, still images, animation, video, or interactivity content forms.
Proprietary Software
Open Source Software
Online Software (no cost & cost)
Creation & Editing
Light Works & Filelab
General rule: Software listed above a line is proprietary (and professional). Software below a line is either open source or free online tool.

Research the software in your circle by visiting the program's website and/or other related web research.

What can the software do?
How much does the software cost?
Add at least one image representing the software.
Add a SHORT YouTube video that does a good job explaining what the program/software can do.
*All written parts of your section must be in your own words. Do NOT copy & paste text from a website. Paraphrase the information in your writings.
Apple IMotion & Windows Wax
3D Graphics
Creation & Animation
Autodesk Maya/3Ds Max and Cinema 4D
What about cloud computing?
What does all
this mean for you
in this course?
After learning how to use many of these tools, you will
be required to create a short video at the end of the year that illustrates the use of these learned tools.

Include each of the following on your section of this Prezi:
What is Multimedia?
Online tools, like video editing programs and Prezi, are already 'in the cloud.' What this means is that your program and your assets (files in the project) are online, so you can work from anywhere on your projects as long as there is an online connection.

Many proprietary software companies are beginning to offer more of their programs in this manner. Adobe, for example, now charges (about $15/month for students & teachers, $30 regular price) to use their CS suite programs in the cloud. Just log in and continue working from virtually anywhere.

The benefits for this are numerous. The user no longer needs a powerful computer to edit video or create 3D worlds. By logging onto these programs in the cloud, you will be using THEIR computers to edit. That means that you can log on with something as small as a smartphone but have capabilities of a full-blown, very powerful editing computer. As mentioned before, all your assets for your project will be 'with you' where ever you go. You can easily continue working from anywhere you can connect with the internet.

The only current downside that I see is that large video files could take more time to upload as will the downloading of your finished work. This will minimize over time as internet speeds continue to increase and new file types are created that will allow for even smaller, no resolution-loss files.
This media and content is created by using software/programs to create & edit sound, images and video into a finished form for use in showing to an audience.
What software is used to create multimedia products?
Proprietary software or closed source software is computer software licensed under exclusive legal right of the copyright holder with the intent that the licensee is given the right to use the software only under certain conditions, and restricted from other uses, such as modification, sharing, studying, redistribution, or reverse engineering. Usually the source code of proprietary software is not made available.
Open-source software (OSS) is computer software with its source code made available and licensed with a license in which the copyright holder provides the rights to study, change and distribute the software at no cost to anyone and for any purpose. Open-source software is very often developed in a public, collaborative manner.
A web application is an application that is accessed by users over a network such as the Internet or an intranet. The term may also mean a computer software application that is coded in a browser-supported programming language (such as JavaScript, combined with a browser-rendered markup language like HTML) and reliant on a common web browser to render the application executable.
Free Video & Audio Editors
Free Presentation Program
Paid online subscription to their programs
Free 3D Grapchics Creator & Animator; Video Game Creator
Free Audio Editor
Free Office Programs
Paid Office Programs
Paid Creation Programs
3D Grapchics Creation & Animation; Video Game Creator
Free Image Editor
In this course, you will learn how to use many different tools to create multimedia projects with, from proprietary to open source to free online tools. Everything you learn in this class can be used in your other classes and your eventual professional life. Enjoy the journey!

Proprietary Software sold by microsoft for presentations
A computer application for audio editing. It's manipulating the digital audio.
Adobe Audition: A proprietary source, that is used of r mixing, recording, editing and mastering audio
Avid Pro Tools:
Also a proprietary source (For advancement, you may want to purchase the program.) With this program you can compose, record, edit, and mix high-quality music or sound for your own benefit. Also, you can have high-quality music/sound on your own PC and for yourself. (You can also create ringtones for your cellular device. Perhaps create your own beat/instrumental for your own song.)
Audacity & Filelab Audio Editor:
Both are open sources. (Others can recode and it's a free program that can be used by everybody. (Usually these programs may build up viruses on your computer.)
A free software, developed by a group of volunteers and distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
Filelab Audio Editor:
A free open source program that allows you to edit, record, mix, etc your audio/sound for a better touch. It works as well as a proprietary source. (Viruses may be included.)
Adobe Audition costs from the range at
according to the addition.
Avid Pro Tools cost from the range on
. (Also, the better material the better quality.)
Created by:
Microsoft Power point is a proprietary/closed source program and costs $109.99

Definition: Software that allows images to be changed with image editors such as Photoshop or other proprietary and open source image editing software
Motion graphics and special effects programs are used to add effects to a video. These can range from animating stunts too dangerous to do in real life or making a monster look more real. The possiblities are endless when using these kinds of software.
Video editing is the process of editing segments of motion video production footage, special effects and sound recordings in the post-production process.
Gimp and Pixlr are free programs that allow to change and create images much like photoshop
prezi is a normally a free/open source but you can buy it for offline use and more
Google docs is a free/open source application
open office is a knock off and re-code of word and is free
Adobe After Effects & Eyeon Fusion are both propriatary programs. This menas that inorder to obtain them you have to pay money. You also are unable to change the source code.
Google docs.
Open office:
Photoshop cost:
$10.00 per month
or $120.00 a year
Windows Wax and Apple Imotion are both open source programs. This means that you can modify their source code and get the programs for free.
GIMP cost:
free of charge
due to it being
opensource software
Pixlr cost: Free of charge because its
Presentation Software is used to show information to a large group of people
Created by Dillon, Alias, Jeriah
Made by Shakthi
and Nickolai
Very nice work and use of graphics. The only corrections:
Prezi is NOT open source, but is free online.
Open Office is free as you said, but IS open source.
Very nice presentation, especially the screen shots of the programs. I will have to add these to this assignment in the future. Good work.

The only mistake is that FileLab is NOT open source, but is free and an online too.
Good work on this section. I like the graphics you used. Below are a few corrections:
Your team correctly quoted the creative cloud version of Photoshop; there is, however, also version you can load on your computer that cost about $600 individually or $1700 for the entire Adobe Creative suite.
GIMP is free and Open Source; Pixlr is free, but NOT Open Source, it is online (not downloadable and able to load on your computer.)
There is much missing from this section. Besides having no definition for the category, please note the following:
You did find the creative cloud price of Premiere, but omitted the cost to purchase to install on your computer ($700 single; $1700 Creative Suite package)
Final Cut Pro costs similar, but can ONLY be used on Apple computers
Lightworks IS Open Source, but is NOT free ($100 - $300 cost, but worth it for a top quality video editor)
FileLab is free and Online
I really liked your video example for Adobe After Effects (especially the cheesy actor!) Your definitions are also top notch. Here are a few corrections:
After Effects usually costs $700 individually, $1700 as part of the Creative Suite package and $29 - $129 for creative cloud subscriptions...your price was probably for an older edition.
Imotion is NOT open source, but is free (usually supplied with Apple computers)
Windows Wax IS open source and free.
Major Vocabulary Terms to know:
Proprietary software
- software that cost money to obtain and the programming code is closed (can't be altered). These types of programs are installed on your computer.

Open Source software
- software that is usually free and the programming code is open so coders can make alterations to the program. These types of programs are installed on your computer.

Online software
- software that runs within your web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, FireFox) and can be either free (Pixlr) or can cost money (any Adobe creative cloud program offering).
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