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Hayley Darden

on 16 September 2009

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Transcript of Fabrice

As Fabrice thought about the problems in
society, overload, misinformation, mistrust, and apathy, he imagined how he could made a change. Fabrice realized that American democracy was in desperate need of new ways to engage in thougthful debate, based on factual information not just opinions or partisan politics. NewsTrust evolved to answer that need. misinformation how?
integrity statistics... so, what's next? learn more about Fabrice, and become a changemaker let's look at the numbers... Everyone A Changemaker ............... knowledge.ashoka.org/fabrice Growing Up... ............... events education and
culture change partnerships and stories NewsTrust conducts topical "news hunts," working with partner organizations to uncover the most reliable and thorough news. NewsTrust has some notable partners, and has done work on powerful issues. NewsTrust also creates widgets and buttons that partner sites can feature--increasing the engagement of its readers. Growing at a rate of 30 to 40 % per month
Expect to be fully sustainable and expanding to other markets by the end of 2010
In the next 5 years, 9 million unique visitors per month
In the next five years, NewsTrust plans to begin international expasion. Fabrice grew up in both Manhattan and Geneva, Switzerland. Journalism, news, and media have always been of interest to him. He created a new kind of news media in San Francisco, combining journalism with music, and was also a founding member of Apple's multimedia lab. Fabrice's innovative business instincts have led to many successful ventures, but his father's influence channeled these energies toward social change.

When Fabrice's father was on his death-bed, he challenged Fabrice to pursue social impact. overload mistrust apathy NewsTrust is the best of all worlds. It judges amateur and professional journalism by quality, and uses computers to aggregate the quality ratings. This means that people can get news from a diversity of sources and perspectives, but that they can trust the quality of content. Read a story, and review it! Reviewers have public profiles, where you can see their member 'level.' Reviewers move up in levels, as their reviews best match the overall ratings of a story. As they earn trust from other readers, they increase in member level. NewsTrust aggregates these ratings, and it's easy to see all the rankings for a STORY

and for a SOURCE. *NewsTrust strives to acheive a balance of perspectives, to increase diversity and engagement in society. They have begun reaching out to various niche audiences, including those of varying political ideologies, race, and socioeconomic status. By its transparent ratings and diversity of stories, it is a news hub for both FOX News devotees and the most ardent readers of the New York Times. It integrates niche audiences into a forum where serious and broad public debate takes place. Engaged readers have started to convene through events and other gatherings. The online dialogues have inspired live ones. NewsTrust partners with schools to research "news hunts," and is actively developing tools to engage younger audiences--abbreviated review forms, mobile phone service, and interactive games. Fabrice also plans to launch news literacy programs in high schools and colleges. online
literacy tool What is NewsTrust? But who are the reviewers? Should you trust them? Take a closer look at the member 'levels,'
the Trust Network Reviewer Profiles Still unclear on the quality of reviewers? ............... NewsTrust is a organization that invites news readers to rank stories by quality. The stories are aggregated and published with their accompanying ratings on the NewsTrust website. Additionally, organizations can choose to add NewsTrust widgets to their sites--improving reader engagement and the quality of journalism.
misinformation United States Switzerland The Challenges of
an Information Society: Take a look at how this works on a daily level... Imagine yourself with a cup of coffee, reading the news online. Don't agree with the author's facts? Think it's incisive analysis? Click the review button and share your insights with others! NewsTrust makes it possible for people to engage society with
well-reasoned analysis, instead of a lazy shortcut. NewsTrust began as an online news listeracy tool, but has become much more than that. NewsTrust also partners with various organizations on topical 'news hunts,' to find the best information on a sponsored issue. The design of the website seems simple, but it addresses the problems Fabrice saw in society and improves civic engagement by making high quality, ideologically neutral news easily available at no cost.
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