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Microsoft Project - Entry Level Adult Learner

No description

Clara Spenny

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Microsoft Project - Entry Level Adult Learner

Microsoft Project 2013 -
Entry Level Adult Learner Stepping Stones to a Complete Project

Step 1 - The Workspace
1. Install - Download trial from http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/hh973401.aspx
You must register the software to save your work

2. Understand the Workspace

Step 2 - Calendar and Project Start Date
1. Setup Calendar
2. Apply to your Project
3. Enter Holidays

Step 3 - Create a Task List and Formatting the gantt chart
1. Project Summary Task
2. Summary Task
3. Milestones
4. Indent Feature
5. Gantt Chart Wizard
Step 4 - Resource Basics and Cost
1. People
2. Materials
3. Equipment
Step 5 - Scheduling
1. Dependencies
2. Resources
3. Timeline

Task List
Gantt Chart
Step 6 - Leveling
1. How and When
2. Types

Leveling Part 1
Step 7 - The Critical Path
1. Identify it
2. Understand Slack

Critical Path
Leveling Part 2
What did you learn?
Did you learn that the workspace has a Start Screen?
Did you know that templates exist here?
Are you ready to learn more?
Did you learn that to change the Calendar you select "Project - Change Working Time?"
Did you learn that to set the project start date you select "Project - Information"?
Are you ready to learn more?
So, the task list is created from your WBS?
And you format the Gantt chart by right clicking on the timescale?
Are you ready to learn more?
Are supplies resources?
Did you learn that resources and cost are all found in the resource sheet?
Are you ready to learn more?
Did you learn how to deal with constraints?
If so, what kinds of constraints might you see?
Are you ready to learn more?
Do you know how to identify the critical path?
Do you understand the impact the critical path has on the project end date?
Did you learn that leveling is about fixing over allocated resources?
And that leveling outside of slack will change your project endate?
One more step.....
You made it through a complete project
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